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Marvels ‘The Runaways’ Set Pictures Leaked

In August of last year, Marvel announced that they were partnering up with Hulu to bring the 2003 comic series Runaways  to streaming format. Throughout the time since, we have gotten all types of casting news and very few plot details. Recently James Marsters and Gregg Sulkin, playing Victor and Chase Stein respectively, both tweeted that filming has wrapped:

In addition to the tweets there were set photos which included Danielle Campbell who has not been announced as a certain character or even a cast member.

Runaways is a Marvel series created by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona in 2003. The series followed six kids who recently discovered that their parents founded a evil organization to wipe out the entire human population. Judging by the set photos it seems the show will be taking more of high school approach to the otherwise its-the-weekend-everyday feel of the original comic.

Are you excited for this comic to series adaption? Should they have stayed more faithful to the original comics? Let us know in the comments!


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