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‘Logan’ on Track To Have The Biggest R-Rated Opening Ever

James Mangold’s Logan is definitely one of the best comic book movies Fox has delivered thus far. With all the critical acclaim the movie has received, it should come as no surprise how well it’s performing at the box office this weekend. Pulling in $33 million on Friday, Logan may claw its way to the top of all r-rated movies. The film is set to rake in $80 million this weekend which will put it in the running as the highest opening for an R-rated movie; the film also had the widest release for an R-rated movie. Now if that’s not enough to convince you to stop reading this and buy another ticket, the movie went on to locked in the top opening day for a restricted rating film in March, beating 300‘s $28.1 million opening night box office sales.


Fox took a page from Deadpool‘s success by giving the writers & directors creative freedom to execute Hugh Jackman’s final run with the claws and they delivered! Much like Deadpool, the mature rating does not come without purpose and serves as an excellent story telling tactic. Hugh Jackman made his debut as Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. Today, most of the kids that drug their parents to movies have now grown up and can indulge in the R-rated superhero movie said to be Jackman’s last go.

Did you contribute to Logan’s smash at the box office? If not, be sure to go see Logan now playing in theaters everywhere!



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