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Marvel’s Inhumans Cast Five New Members

ABC and Marvel have been revealing new additions to their Inhumans project all week, and today Deadline has revealed five new cast members. With the addition of these five members, and the 4 already previously announced members, it’s safe to assume that the Inhumans team is officially ready and set for production. Here are the new members with their respected actors:

Eme Ikwuakor – Gorgon

Isabelle Cornish – Crystal

Mike Moh – Triton

Sonya Balmores – Auran

Ellen Woglom – TBA


Aside from the unknown details of Woglom’s character, the other four characters are each important and central to the Royal family. Triton and Gorgon are both cousins to Black Bolt, who will be played by Anson Mount. Crystal is Medusa’s sister, who was recently announced to being played by Serinda Swan. Auran is not royalty, but extremely loyal to the King. Most of these members serve large roles for the Inhumans in comic book canon, as well as for Attilan’s army.

Inhumans will be a special type of project for Marvel and ABC, in which the two pilot episodes of the series will debut in IMAX theaters for a limited run. The show will then proceed to air on ABC for the rest of their eight episode run. Inhumans will premiere September 2017.

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