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New Overwatch Hero Fortifies Spot on Line-Up

Overwatch released some new major updates regarding its newest playable hero.  An origins story and a developer update introduces Orisa, the 24th hero and a new tank Omnic created by Efi Oladele.  Oladele was recently featured in the Overwatch universe for an interview on Spotlight on Numbani.  That update focuses on the young 11-year-old girl’s scientific accomplishments and innovation, and receiving a grant for her advancements.

One week later, Orisa is introduced.  Created by Oladele, Orisa is made from scrap parts from Numbani’s short-lived OR15 defense bots from the Omnic Crisis that once defended the city.  However, they were quickly destroyed by Doomfist and were no longer in use.  Fast forward to the future, Oladele bought OR-15 parts with her grant money to create Orisa.  This omnic’s purpose is to serve the city as a guardian.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to the city is evident, according to her biography, as she is prepared to defend her city and creator at any cost.  Though she is new and inexperienced, her creator Oladele continues to modify and adapt Orisa to reach her optimal protocols.

In the gameplay, Orisa is played without her creator in sight.  Placed in the tank division, Orisa is what the developers call an “anchor tank.”  Her main weapon is a rapid-fire automatic-gun called a Fusion Driver.  With good range and accuracy, Orisa’s weapon is promising, but it slows her movements.  She also has a frontline barrier to protect her team; can fortify her barriers to withstand further damage; can launch out a gravitational force that allows her to slow down other players or move them; and she can send out a Supercharger that boosts her allies damage output.

Orisa is currently only available for gameplay on the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Region).

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