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Nafessa Williams & China Anne McClain Joins CW’s ‘Black Lightning’

The folks over a Black Lightning is getting their family together.



Heroic Hollywood reports that Code Black’s Nafessa Williams and House of Payne’s China Anna McClain have been cast as Black Lightning’s daughters, Anissa and Jennifer Pierce. Anissa and Jennifer are also known as Lightning and Thunder respectively in the Black Lightning lore.

Below is the character descriptions provided by Warner Bros. TV and The CW:  

“Anissa Pierce — passionate and quick-witted, Jefferson’s twenty-something daughter balances the demands of medical school with her job teaching part-time at her father’s school.

“Jennifer Piere, Jefferson’s younger daughter, the teenage an independent, outspoken scholar-athlete with a wild streak of her own.”

Black Lightning, who will be played by Cress Williams, was taken on by The CW after being passed over by Fox, and a pilot set to be in the works. Black Lighting will be joining Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow as part of the DC Comics TV on The CW.
Source: Heroic Hollywood



  1. I know almost nothing about Black Lightning but I’m still excited to see how they introduce this character to the small screen and how he will fit within DC’s CW world.

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