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Women of NASA Toy Set Coming from LEGO

Fresh off the success of critically-acclaimed box office smash, Hidden Figures, LEGO is launching a toy set that pays homage to women in NASA.

Science writer and editor, Maia Weinstock came up with the idea and wrote to LEGO requesting the company make the efforts of prominent women a focal point in their mini-figure sets.

The announced set will include mathematician and NASA trajectory expert, Katherine Johnson, whom Taraji P. Henson portrayed in Hidden Figures.

Other women to be featured are astronaut and physicist, Nancy Grace Roman, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, Margaret Hamilton who developed the flight software for the Apollo craft and entrepreneur, astronaut and doctor, Mae Jemison who was first African-American woman in space.

Although the idea has been approved by LEGO, the release date for the mini-figures hasn’t been revealed yet.

Stay on the lookout for the release date on the LEGO NASA Women Twitter page: @LegoNASAWomen

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Source: BBC News

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