Taye Diggs to Star in New ‘Doomsday’ Pilot for ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Taye Diggs has been basking in Broadway lights lately, but not for too much longer. The popular actor was recently tapped to star in ABC’s new pilot Doomsday.

Set in the aftermath of September 11th, Doomsday will chronicle the work of a team of government-appointed scientists and creatives tasked with brainstorming possible man-made disaster scenarios. When their ideas become too dangerous to fully develop, the team is disbanded until a true-life catastrophe calls for their great minds and expertise.

Diggs will lead the drama as Dr. Davis Albright, an architect and engineer who once claimed the title of the youngest head of disaster prevention for FEMA. Currently, the cast also includes Jack Davenport, Dan Byrd, and Rachelle Lefevre.

Writers Mark Bianculli and JV Boyd, of FX’s Justified, are developing the ABC drama for Sony Pictures Television. They will also serve as executive producers alongside Carol Mendelsohn and Julie Weitz.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Tara Martinez is a New York-based writer with a passion for pop culture and a penchant for analysis. She frequently covers film, television, and representations of women in the media.

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