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Serinda Swan Cast as Medusa

Marvel’s Inhumans has found its Queen in actress Serinda Swan. Medusa is the wife of Black Bolt (Anson Mount), but most importantly the Queen of the Inhumans. Marvel’s Inhumans will follow a race of superpowered beings who possess a wide range of powers, no they are not the X-Men.

“Serinda empowers Medusa’s regal glory and still maintains a relatability that synced perfectly with the character,” Marvel TV head and executive producer Jeph Loeb says. “She is nothing short of wonderful.”


Image via ORIGIN Magazine

Medusa may be the most heavily CGI’d character in the show, because of her prehensile hair. Medusa can control and manipulate her hair and use it as a weapon, so imagine if Rapunzel was a red-headed mutant. That is not the full extent of Medusa’s powers, but it is the one that everyone will be waiting to see come to life.


Image via Marvel

Thus far Swan is Medusa, Mount is Black Bolt, and Iwan Rheon will be playing Black Bolts brother, Maximus. The Inhumans will debut it’s first two episodes in IMAX theaters, and will debut on ABC in September.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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