Burning Sands is a drama centered on the hazing rituals and culture of one particular fraternity. As the violence escalates, one pledgee (Trevor Jackson) must find the strength to break the code of silence, or risk losing himself to the brotherhood. Jackson leads a stellar cast, which features the outstanding Alfre Woodard and the rising Trevante Rhodes. The fraternity drama is the directorial debut by Gerard McMurray.

The film is similar to last year’s fraternity drama Goat starring Ben Schnetzer as the main pledgee, and Nick Jonas as his older brother. That too was a look at the deeply problematic, hyper-masculine, and violent fraternity mentality. The two films can offer an interesting comparative film study.


Burning Sands premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and will premiere on Netflix on March 10. Goat is on Netflix now.

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