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Static Shock Getting New DVD Release

One of comics most influential yet underrated heroes is finally getting some respect.

Static Shock, the early 2000’s cartoon starring Virgil Hawkins’ alter ego Static is returning to DVD on March 28.

Now don’t get too excited as it’s just season one. However, up until now there’s only been one six episode set, so you know what, go ahead and get excited.


The great thing about Static is that he is a nerd in his everyday life. He’s not a billionaire playboy or a super cool spy. He’s just a kid who likes to hang out at the comic shop, and of course has electromagnetic abilities.

The other half of the equation is that Static was created for Milestone Media by African-American writers and artists including the great Dwayne McDuffie and.

Static Shock ran for four seasons and featured crossover episodes with The New Batman Adventures, Justice League and Batman Beyond.

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