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Simon Kinberg Talks About Mr. Sinister’s Future In Films

With X-Men: Supernova set to shoot this summer and Hugh Jackman bidding his farewell in Logan, everyone’s eyes are on Fox and what they plan to do with the film rights of your favorite group of mutants. A lot of headlines have surrounded the X-Men as of late and this one might be one of the most interesting so far! Viewers got a nod to an iconic X-Men villain, Mr Sinister, and his involvement in the universe through the mid-credit scene of X-Men: Apocalypse. Mr. Sinister is one of the more interesting X-Men villains being known for his genetic experiments on mutants with the hopes of creating the perfect specimen.


Many speculated that this would tie in with Logan as well as the next X-Men films. Producer Simon Kinberg, who is rumored to direct the next X-Men installment, sat with CinemaBlend and gave some interesting comments regarding Mr. Sinister’s future in the franchise. The following has light spoilers for Logan. When asked if X-Men: ApocalypseLogan were directly related, Kinberg replied with:

“Yes, that is the implication.”

Now here’s where things get interesting. Kinberg was asked about Mr. Sinister’s involvement in any future X-Men films, he had this to say:

“The short answer is yes. We would love to see Sinister. I think he is one of the great untapped villains in the X-Men universe, and we do have plans to introduce him into the world”

Right he is on Mr. Sinister being a great and untapped villain in the universe, and we’d love to see big of a role he plays in the future X-Men films, especially with Sinister’s well known obsession with Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Source: CinemaBlend

Although we have some time until the next X-Men movie, Logan bursts into theaters March 3rd!


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