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Simon Kinberg Hints at New Teams Coming to the X-Men

kinberg-alphaIf you’ve seen any of the X-Men movies, you’ll notice that the movies always seem to end up centering around the same bunch of characters. With Logan currently being on its press tour, X-Men is now back in the public eye. If all goes according to executive producer Simon Kinberg’s plan, that may change very soon. In a recent interview  with, he mentioned that he wanted to add a couple of new teams into the X-Men universe.

“We have a sense of where each of all the existing characters go from Deadpool to New Mutants to the mainland X-Men movies to potentially even X-23. Then there’s other characters, like X-flight, like Exiles… there’s a lot of characters to mine going forward. We’re still, sort of, in this phase where now we’ve completed completed the Wolverine story with ‘Logan’ and we begin hopefully with ‘New Mutants’ and eventually ‘Gambit’ and continue with ‘Deadpool’.”

Before you search google for what exactly X Flight is, Kinberg was more than likely talking about was Marvel’s Canadian operations team that goes by the name Alpha Flight. Alpha Flight is not just a team for mutants; meaning the studio feud between Marvel and Fox could be the reason for the name change. The Exiles on the other hand are essentially  a team of space and time police which consists mostly of mutants.

Let us know in the comments below who you would like to see be added to the X-Men universe, or if you think the X-Men universe is not worth saving and you’d like to see a Squirrel Girl movie instead.

Source: Comicbook



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