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New Day to host ‘Wrestlemania’


There was never any doubt that WWE Superstars The New Day had something big planned for Wrestlemania. At last year’s event they entered the stadium by falling out of a giant box of Bootyo’s cereal, a classic entrance you can see here.

However, yesterday on TMZ Live the popular trio announced that they were the official hosts of the show of shows. This means they will appear throughout the night to keep the crowd’s energy up and will likely take part in comedy segments with other Superstars and Legends backstage.

For the unfamiliar, The New Day consists of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E. Their infectious personalities have made them one of wrestling’s most popular acts of all time, the longest reigning tag team champions at 483 days and the current sales merchandise champs.

On the February 20 edition of Monday Night Raw they also elaborated on their online campaign to become the voices of the hyenas in The Lion King remake. The team has been having fans tweet director Jon Favreau pictures and GIFs to get him onboard.

Video game fans may also know Xavier Woods as Austin Creed from his popular You Tube gaming channel Up Up Down Down.

So what exactly does this unpredictable trio have planned for the biggest show of the year? That’s anyone’s guess, but it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable and hilarious.

Wrestlemania 33 airs live Sunday, April 2 from the Orlando Citrus Bowl at 7pm ET/4pm PT on the WWE Network.


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