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James McAvoy May Be Returning To The X-Men Franchise

The next step in Twentieth Century Fox’s controversial X-Men franchise has been kept quiet, minus a few casting rumors and some unofficial leaked information that made its way online. What we do know, so far, is that a New Mutants film is in the works and that the script is currently being written by Hollywood newcomer Josh Boone (Fault In Our Stars) who is also slated to direct the film as well. There has also been talk about the follow up film after X-Men Apocalypse which will see Sophie Turner take a much more prominent role as the working title is allegedly X-Men Supernova. An unofficial synopsis claims that the film will be loosely based on The Dark Phoenix storyline from the comics. Other than that, the filmmakers have been pretty silent about what’s next for our favorite team of mutants.

Well, it looks like we have more lines to read between after actor James McAvoy, who has played the younger version of Professor Charles Xavier in the last few X-Men films, posted a picture on his instagram with the franchise’ producers Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg, and the original Professor X himself, actor Patrick Stewart. Check out the post below;
It’s obviously not a crime to have dinner and wine with friends but it’s the caption that raises questions. Rumor has it that the next two X-Men films will start filming in, or around, the summer and James McAvoy gleefully types that he “can’t wait for the summer”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put these pieces of the puzzle together. In the comics, Professor X is the one who put the new mutants team together and helped to train them. So it only makes sense that Professor X would have an important role in the upcoming film adaption of that same storyline. But if this is in fact the plan, it just raises further questions for fans. Where does this story take place? If it takes place after X-Men Apocalypse, why would you need a New Mutants team if the X-Men were just established? If it takes places further in the future, is James McAvoy gonna be playing a decades older version of himself? But let’s not turn this into a topic about Fox’s questionable mutant timeline because we’d be here all day and night.


It’s not uncommon for an actor, director or anyone connected to a highly popular film franchise to post cryptic things on social media as a way to tease official information before the studio itself decides to release it to the public. So James McAvoy’s instagram post could mean one of two things; that he just enjoys drinking red wine and exploring an awesome bromance with producer Simon Kinberg or it could mean that his contract with the X-Men films has been renegotiated and fans can expect to see more of him in the future. It’s a great thought to have but for now let’s just take everything with a grain of salt.

What say you GOC peeps? Are you excited to see James McAvoy reprise his role as our favorite telepath? What sort of things are you hoping to see in the future of the X-Men franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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