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RUMOR ALERT: David Thewlis Could Be Playing Ares in Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is set to be the fourth installment in the DCEU, and it will hit theaters this summer.

While we’ve seen quite a few images – and a trailer – featuring scenes and characters from the movie, the marketing team has done a pretty good job at keeping the main plot unknown, and also keeping the main villain out of the promos.

It’s safe to say that everyone is aware that Ares, the Greek God of War, will be the film’s main antagonist. What’s interesting though, is that we still don’t know which actor is playing him. There have been a few rumors in the past, but those were quickly dismissed by the studio or the actors themselves. However another actor has been rumored for the role, and it’s looking somewhat promising.

Batman-News claims that multiple sources have shared with them that David Thewlis, most widely known as Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films, will be playing the Greek God of War.

Another good thing to know is that Thewlis was revealed to be a part of the cast when the full cast list was revealed back in 2015. Of course, we haven’t heard anything about him since then. But Batman-News also reported that in the movie, Ares will be a steady mix of practical effects and CGI, which would explain his lack of presence in the trailers.


We know that a new – and possible the finale – trailer for Wonder Woman is around the corner, so we could definitely get a chance to see Ares in that trailer. However, it’s still yet to be known whether or not Thewlis has officially been cast in this role, so we’ll have to wait for an official announcement. Until then, let us know what you guys think of this potential casting choice in the comment section below.

Source: Batman-News

Wonder Woman is scheduled to release on June 2nd, 2017.

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