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Donald Glover Cast as Simba In Lion King Remake

Looks like Donald Glover just bagged another major role. Jon Favreau has picked Glover to play the legendary Simba for his live adaptation of the Lion King. He posted via twitter to announce the casting.

Check out the tweet below.

Favreau recently brought Walt Disney’s animated ‘The Jungle Book’ to the big screen earlier this year as a live-action-looking adventure that killed in the box office. Because of the success, Disney wanted Favreau to a make live-action Lion King adaptation. There hasn’t been a release date or any other news, but with the first casting announced I expect more news to come in soon. We will definitely keep you updated!

Donald Glover has gained major exposure as of late and is now taking Hollywood by storm. Aside from now being Simba in the Lion King live action remake, Glover has also been cast as a young Lando Calrissian for the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars prequel. He will also appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is a nice treat considering Brian Michael Bendis credits Donald as being a major influence for the inception of Miles Morales. Atlanta, Glover’s FX television show which he also stars in, has also taken critics and audiences by storm, even recently winning a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical TV Series and Best Musical or Comedy TV Series.

What do you think about this casting? What do you think about lion king being made into live action? Let us know in the comments below! Stay Lit.


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