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Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White Won’t Be In Justice League

This year will see the release of Justice League, which will be the first time we see heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and more in a live-action film together.

But this film won’t only be full of super people. We’re to see a few of the other familiar faces that have been introduced in the DCEU so far, such as Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Martha Kent, and Alfred Pennyworth. These names are the only ones that have been confirmed to appear, but what about those who won’t be showing up this time around? Well, so far we have one actor on that list.

Laurence Fishburne played Perry White, the Editor-In-Chief over at the Daily Planet in both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. Sadly, according to LA Times, Fishburne won’t be reprising the role in Justice League, find out why below:

“They asked me to come for a day, but I couldn’t work it out, schedule-wise. And really, what do you need the newspaperman in Justice League for? You want to see the Flash. You want to see Aquaman. You want to see Wonder Woman. You want to see the Lantern. We’ve been waiting 35 years for these [characters] to show up on the screen. What were they doing over there? Marvel has been kicking their ass. This is the comic-book geek in me, who has a collection of comic books. I’ve been waiting to see these people on-screen forever.”


Laurence was filming John Wick: Chapter 2, so he was unable to come in for Justice League, but honestly, he made a good point with his statement. Perry would hardly have a place in this movie, and it might have worked out for the better that he wasn’t able to show up. We just hope he’s still willing to show up in other DCEU movies, because Laurence will still be pretty important when they make more Superman stories down the line.

Source: La Times

Justice League soars into theaters on November 17th, 2017.



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