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X-Men Pilot Casts Blair Redford In Lead Role as Thunderbird [UPDATED]

It seems like news about Fox’s upcoming X-Men pilot just keeps dropping every other day. With production about to start, Entertainment Weekly has learned that the still untitled series has cast Blair Redford (“Switched at Birth,” “Satisfaction”) in a lead role.

We don’t know the characters name yet, but the announcement states that Redford has been cast as “the strong-headed Native American leader of the underground network.” We also don’t know if this is a character fans may know from the comics or a totally original character. There are a number of notable Native American mutants in the comics, like Thunderbird, Warpath and Forge.

[UPDATE: It’s now been revealed to the media that Redford will be playing John Proudstar, also known as the Mutant Thunderbird]

This untitled X-Men series comes from “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix. The show will focus on two ordinary parents who discover their children possess mutant powers. On the run from the government, they join with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. The pilot will be directed by X-Men feature film director Bryan Singer.

“[The show is] sort of designed to side-step questions like, ‘Where is Wolverine?’” Nix said to EW. “There is a certain amount of those characters that I can use and I’m using some of those. Other characters I’m inventing but everything is invented with a nod to the existing mythology.”

Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg are set to serve as executive producers, as is Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb. This is different than Fox’s X-Men films, which are have no involvement with Marvel Studios and its parent company Disney due to a longstanding rights deal, Marvel Television is a credited producer on live-action X-Men shows, including “Legion,” along with 20th Century Fox TV.

What do you guys think about this casting? Who do you think he could be playing? Let us know and Stay Lit.

Source: CBR

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