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Check out “Headphones” a Short Film about Anxiety

Rob Sherrell is a black comedian, student, and writer at Indiana University.  Headphones is his first short film and has already gone on to win awards including the 11th annual Iris Film festival Audience Choice Award and Best Narrative.

“Headphones” is described on Sherrell’s website ( as followed:

“Headphones is a short film about one way people cope with anxiety — getting lost in their headphones.”

The topic for the film hit home for me and it does for millions of others out there. Living with anxiety is not easy but furthing a narrative like this can help others understand it in a relatable way, thus lessening the stigma and raising awareness for mental health.”

Check out the short 5 min film for yourself below:

Make sure to follow Rob Sherrell on twitter: @RobJustJokin





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