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5 Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own TV Series

There are hundreds of heroes and not all of them deserve their own movie, but some most certainly need their own series. The heroes on this list are heroes we have not seen in any medium other than the comics and in animation. So to get straight to the point, here’s the list:

1. Ms. Marvel

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Source: The Mary Sue

A superhero is a reflection of our times and now more than ever, a Ms. Marvel series is needed. A coming of age tale told by a young Pakistani girl, with a strict family holding their values high, while she tries to manage herself in today’s society by pleasing her family and herself. In today’s political climate, a show like this can demonstrate and educate what it means to be a young Muslim woman, while also being the fun superhero show it should be. Let the show be a social commentary on today’s time, but also a fun heartwarming series.

2. Batwoman

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Source: Seekers of the Bat

Batwoman is a character that’s established in the Batman mythos but they are very rarely connected to each other’s story. Which is why the CW would be a great home for a Batwoman series. An LGBT+ character, with military training and same prowess of Batman, this is a series can offer some interesting stories from her New 52 comic. She wouldn’t need to borrow Batman stories, like a certain other show (Arrow.) She stands on her own among any of the Bat Family, which is why a solo outing on the character would make the most sense. Also the character Maggie Sawyer on Supergirl had relationship with Batwoman so there can be future series in development, but who knows.

3. Static 

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Source: IGN

Static Shock was one of the animated series that had the same level of quality storytelling of Justice League and Teen Titans. Plus, you can never have too much teen superheroes. His origins can easily be introduced in the Flash and can easily fit into the world of Flash and Arrow. However, unlike the Flash, Static’s world offers villains with powers that are represented through street crime. Hopefully we see meet him on the upcoming Black Lightning show, then they give him a spinoff show from that. They need to cast Dorian as Virgil Hawkins.


4. Shang-chi

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Source: Screen Rant

It’s no secret that Asians are basically the side characters of their own culture. Marvel had the opportunity in casting an Asian-American for the lead in Iron Fist, but for whatever reason, they chose not to. That should not be the case when it comes to Shang-chi; truthfully I don’t know much about Shang-chi, but I do know that he has just the perfect amount of potential, offering a new perspective and rich story. And much like Hells Kitchen has a close connection to Daredevil, Shang-chi has that same connection to Chinatown.

5. Moon Knight

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Source: Screen Geek

Out of any hero on this list, there is no superhero series I want more than Moon Knight. Such a bizarre, yet fascinating character; the hero has multiple personality disorder and though mental illness is a tight rope to maneuver, it can be handled with grace. Let this show star Rami Malek and have Sam Esmail from Mr. Robot as the showrunner as he messes with our minds. We’d question the show on whether what they’re showing us is real or not. Which personality is taking over and which one is really him? The action would be brutal and the drama surreal, I want this show yesterday.

What do you think? Any other superhero deserve their own show? Tweet us @GeeksOfColor or myself @Manny_Castell.

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