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‘The Defenders’ Set Photos Feature Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock Together

Marvel and Netflix have had a pretty successful partnership so far with the three superhero shows they’ve made available through their streaming service. In the past, each show appeared one year after another (starting with DaredevilJessica Jones, and finally Luke Cage in September 2016), but now Marvel/Netflix are upping the ante: this year will see the debut of Iron fist, The Punisher in his own series, and the debut of The Defenders during the summertime.

We’re all aware that The Defenders will be the pièce de résistance of the Netflix side of the MCU, meaning we’re to see all of the characters we’ve been introduced to share the screen together in all of their gritty epicness. A few set photos have previously been shared, showing characters such as Misty Knight and Jessica Jones crossing paths, but most recently, we’re now seeing set images of Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock hitting the streets together. Check a few of them out below (hat tip to Getty Images):

 There’s actually plenty more images (you can check them out by clicking the link we provided above), but we think these few get the point across. One thing we wanted to point out is that this scene takes place during the day, meaning Matt Murdock probably wont be sporting his suit at any time. With that observation, we’re left to assume that Jones and Murdock are roaming the streets together as a Private Investigator and a Lawyer, maybe to help each other out after crossing paths. It’s not even clear if they know of each other’s abilities or skills at this point.
These pictures don’t say much, but they do tell us that our heroes will be interacting with one another more than when it’s just time to kick some ass. Do you guys have any thoughts or comments about these images? Sound off in the comment section below if so.
Source: Getty Images
Marvel’s The Defenders airs during summer, although an official date has yet to be revealed.

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