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PAX South 2017 Highlights

What is up people! Okon here with another article.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending PAX South in San Antonio, Texas with a few of my team members, and needless to say: it was an interesting experience, what with it being the first time I attended a video game convention. I only went for two of the three days that the event was held, but im here to share some of my favorite parts of being there and some of the pictures i managed to take! There’s going to be a few slideshows in here. Prepare yourselves.

Main Event Hall

When i first showed up to the convention center, i was shocked by the scale of the main exhibit hall (which is where you could find the new games, merch booths, and live tournaments). Compared to where they hold all of the other PAX conventions, this one is pretty small, so they didn’t have too many games available for the attendees, but one member on our team still managed to get his hands on the new Nintendo Switch. Here’s the comment he had to give about the new handheld system:

“[It’s] dope. They let us play the new Zelda [game] for about 20 minutes. The controller is pretty similar to the Xbox One’s controller. The switch from couch-to-handheld is pretty seamless, but kinda jarring when you do it the first time.”


I was also able to get my hands on the new Halo Wars 2, but me not being a huge fan of real-time strategy games, i didn’t enjoy it much. However, the game was accompanied by some amazing Astro gaming headphones which really made the experience more enjoyable. Check out these pictures below:

The Diversity Lounge

What’s really interesting is that the best part of attending this convention wasn’t even the video games; it was the diversity lounge. The lounge was a room that was pretty separated from everything else, but it was full of multiple organizations that were there to present what type of work they did in the geek community (we were stationed in that room too, by the way).

From Geeks of Color, to a charity that raises money to allow disabled children to play games, to a comic book company that’s main comics consist of LGBT characters, The Diversity Lounge was…diverse. We got to interact with these other organizations, and we even got invited to hold a panel at one of their upcoming conventions (catch us at Haven Con in Austin, Texas in April)!

We were also lucky enough to meet a lot of new people; some that had never heard of us but were glad they met us, and some people that followed us on twitter already and were just there to meet us. It was surreal to be in that sort of environment, and it just felt very welcoming with all the other groups that were out there promoting the good they do. Here are some images from the lounge:

And..that’s pretty much it. Yeah, it seems somewhat uneventful, but that’s just about all that we managed to get into while at PAX South. We played a few games, met a lot of new fans and interesting people, and just had a pretty good time. It was a new experience, so next time we attend one of these, we’ll be better prepared to try a lot of stuff out.  But that’s pretty much it for this time guys. Short and sweet, just like PAX was. But of course there was like a million amazing cosplayers, and i had to save those pictures for last, so enjoy the final slideshow. Catch you all in the next article!



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