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‘Doctor Who’: Top 11 Choices For The New Doctor

As a huge fan of Doctor Who, when it was recently revealed by Peter Capaldi that Season 10 would be his last flight in the Tardis as the Doctor, my mind began to instantly wonder who could become the next Doctor. We all know that The Doctor regenerating is a special event and its the current actor’s way of giving a final farewell to the fans while also passing the baton to the new actor. Many fans myself included think that its high time that a person of color and or a woman takes over the tardis. With Doctor Who being a show that prides itself on tolerance, acceptance, and understanding of people different from you its high time Doctor Who moves towards diversity in casting the Doctor. The show has already established that Gallifreyan’s can change their gender as well as race during regeneration, and with The Master becoming Missy we know for a fact its possible. With all of this said I’ve compiled a list of actors that I think would be perfect as the new Doctor.

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Marianne Jean-Baptiste

You can’t mention great British actors without mentioning Marianne Jean-Baptiste, the woman is a force to be reckoned with. She has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard. Marianne is a legend who is honestly a treasure to watch. I can see her portraying a smooth, calm, cool, collected, and witty Doctor. The type of Doctor you know is always in control of the situation no matter how nonchalant and unworried she may seem. Casting a dark skinned black woman in her late 40’s as the Doctor would be a much needed change for the Doctor.

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Sophie Okonedo

I chose Sophie Okonedo because she is really good at giving you warm and kind and at the drop of a hat being extremely intense and intimidating. She’s got one of the warmest prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen and I just imagine her Doctor flashing that smile right before some tomfoolery. Sophie is a fantastic actress who would would only elevate and add to the long history of the Doctor.

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Ben Whishaw

I have been on the Ben Whishaw for the Doctor train since I saw him as Q in Skyfall. I actually wanted him to be the 12th Doctor, but I was still quite happy when they chose Capaldi. I chose Ben because he is good at being soft spoken and quirky he exudes intelligence and when you look at him it seems like he knows something the rest of us are still trying to figure out. All of those are good acting qualities in someone who is looking to take over the Tardis. Ben definitely has a Matt Smith meets David Tennant sort of feel to him.

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Alfred Enoch

Alfred Enoch as the 13th Doctor would officially merge all of our Harry Potter/Doctor Who fan fictions. Just imagine the gif sets on Tumblr referring to Dean Thomas as the 13th Doctor. Alfred Enoch is actually Doctor Who royalty already considering his father played Ian Chesterton one of the Doctor’s original companions. I chose Alfred because he’s a pretty good actor and he’s good at serving a “matter of fact” attitude. As a MOC Alfred would also be a very welcome change from the Doctor’s usual white male casting. If any of Alfred’s actual personality is written into his Doctor then we could expect a Doctor thats really goofy and funny which as we all know would fit into who we’ve come to know the Doctor to be.

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Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren has actually been championing a female Doctor even going so far as saying she would love to do it. Lets be real Helen Mirren as the Doctor would be GOLD. Helen is fantastic at portraying snarky, comedic, wise, and completely fed up not to mention she can be extremely intimidating. I would love to see Helen Mirren play a wild child Doctor. Look give Helen Mirren a leather jacket, light pink hair, and a pair of shades and I am more than in.

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Dev Patel

Dev Patel has come out of England swinging and established himself as a fantastic actor. I remember when I was younger watching him on Skins as Anwar. Patel is fantastic with drama and comedy something that I think is crucial to the Doctor, you have to have someone who can make you laugh just as fast as they can intimidate and scare you. Patel is also great at portraying the awkward, clumsy, and quirky aspects of characters like the Doctor who is most of the time a lovable man child. Dev Patel is an acting gem and Doctor Who would honestly be lucky to have him board the Tardis.

Richard Ayoade

I chose Richard Ayoade because I am extremely interested in seeing what the Doctor would be like if he was PEAK quirky, awkward, and nerdy. Could you imagine one of the most powerful and notorious beings in the known universe being portrayed as awkward and clumsy and extremely “nerdy”? The Doctor already has his quirks, but I think Richard could take it to the next level and add a humor to the Doctor that I dont think has been around since Matt Smith. I love Capaldi, but silly humor doesn’t seem to be his thing. Ayoade would be able to do something with the Doctor that I think Matt Smith was good at, and that is when the Doctor makes you so comfortable and think he’s so harmless that you forget he is extremely dangerous.

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Ben Kingsley

The man. The Legend. The Icon. Sir Ben Kingsley. Could you imagine an actor as versatile as Ben Kingsley boarding the Tardis as the Doctor? It would be insane considering Ben can literally give you anything as an actor. He can give you stern and stoic or he can give you silly and comedic. Iron Man 3 did only one thing right and thats show me that Ben Kingsley would make an amazing Doctor. Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery proved to me that Ben Kingsley can seriously do anything as an actor because he was tremendously hilarious something we dont always get to see Ben Kingsley do. The Tardis would be all the better if Ben Kingsley got the job.

Ian McKellen

I’m not even sure an explanation is required for how epic Ian McKellen as The Doctor would be, I mean come on seriously the man has already slayed as Magneto and Gandalf he’s practically nerd royalty. Ian McKellen is another actor capable of putting on any hat and giving it his all. The man is a Shakespearean actor to his core with a voice so iconic you know who it is speaking long before you ever even see his face. McKellen as the Doctor goes without saying that it would be tremendous amounts of fun and filled with sass that only he could throw.

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Julie Walters

Julie Walter’s is another British icon that I would love to see as the Doctor. Many people know Julie Walter’s from her role as Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Julie Walter’s has had a career that spans over 40 years. Julie serves sass, attitude, and “fed up” like nobodies business it also doesn’t hurt that she’s actually quite funny as well. I chose Julie because she reminds me so much of when Peter Capaldi was cast, someone no one expected but someone many people came to love.

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Michaela Coel

I saved the best for last. Of all the names on this list Michaela Coel’s is one of my absolute top picks to take over as the new Doctor. Like many of you I fell in love with Chewing Gum and Michaela not just as an actress but as a writer. Michaela Coel is simply hilarious she has so much energy and so much life and she is damn good as adding quirks and nuances to a character just look at Tracy from Chewing Gum. I could 100% see Michaela as the new Doctor because she’s just got this wow factor thats pretty hard to explain. I think Michaela Coel as The Doctor could do something for young girls that she also did with Chewing Gum, provide some much needed representation. Coel would be a real treat to watch as everyone’s favorite time traveling alien and she would definitely give us a fresh, new, and exciting take on the Doctor.

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