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David Harbour Says Stranger Things Season 2 Will be ‘Thrilling’

Let’s face it: Netflix struck gold with Stranger Things.  The show had such a familiar, yet original vibe, an extremely likable cast, and a near-perfect story. It’d be rare to find someone who said they disliked this series.

Of course, it’s been long announced that a second season would definitely be happening, and we’re all curious to see what direction directors Matt and Ross Duffer and EP Shawn Levy take the characters and the story in this time around. While we’re not being given any hints, one of the show’s stars managed to share just a bit of what we can expect in the second season.

While interviewing with Vanity Fair, David Harbour (who plays Chief Hopper in the show), was able to talk very briefly about the characters and the script:

“I got the first script of season two, and the first five minutes I was on my feet going, ‘Yes! Yes!’ Because they open up the world in such a new way. And these characters that I feel like are so iconic, and that we love so deeply, get to really go on different arcs and different journeys and explore these little things that we touched on in their personalities and psychologies. And we get to really expand on that. . . I really do think it’s going to be thrilling. And you can tweet at me that I’m an idiot if it’s not.”


Harbour telling us Stranger Things will be “thrilling” is barely a tease, although it’s interesting to know that the show will experiment with the characters and put them in a new place. It’s been confirmed that Barb won’t be coming back, but Eleven definitely will be, we’re just not sure how yet. Hopefully the show will continue to surprise us all, because we really don’t want to call David Harbour an idiot via twitter.

Source: Vanity Fair

Stranger Things Season 2 is still currently without a release date, but we’ll let you know when it gets one.



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