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Aspen Comics to Introduce Black Trans Former NFL Player In New Series

Ever heard of Aspen Comics? No? Well, now might be the time to pay attention, because they’re introducing a new universe within their comics, as well as a new and unique character.

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that the California-based comic book company would soon be releasing a new comic featuring their newly built universe with the release of Revelations. As well as that, Aspen will be releasing a new series titled No World (by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Jordan Gunderson), which will feature a gun wielding, black trans ex-NFL player. Here’s the cover of the new comic book, featuring this currently unnamed character:


When asked for details about the character in question, writer Scott Lobdell responded simply by posting this tweet:

Lobdell is no stranger to creating trans characters, what with introducing fans to the not-so-welcomed Suzie Su in Red Hood & The Outlaws (2011), but we’re hoping this is a character people can get behind, because let’s face it: just from the cover alone, this looks like a super badass heroine. We’ll just have to wait until the comic is release to find out exactly who we’re dealing with.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Aspen Comics releases Revelations on April 10th, 2017. Shortly after that, No World #1 will debut (April 26th, 2017).


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