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10 Things We Want To See In The ‘Justice League’ Movie

It’s just under a year until Zack Snyder’s much-anticipated Justice League releases in theaters, and of course, I have to talk about it. I’m very excited for the movie (cautiously excited, but still). I’m one of the minority who actually liked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I agree that it had plot holes and didn’t have enough fighting between Batman and Superman, which was supposed to be the whole point of the movie, but there was a lot to like and I left the theater feeling very excited for the future.

Now, we already know some things about Justice League. We know the villain is Steppenwolf, who’s just been confirmed to be played by Game of Thrones actor Ciaran Hinds. We know Superman returns from death (spoiler) in the movie, in his black suit – the famous storyline from the comics. We know there are mother boxes across the globe that the Justice League is looking for.

But that’s about it. Warner Bros. has done a pretty good job keeping things under wraps—which is exciting. That gives the fans a chance to speculate and wonder about what the movie could contain. And I, as a fan of DC, am here to oblige. Here are my top ten things I would love to see happen in Justice League.

  1. Steve Trevor is still alive.

We don’t know the fate of the character yet—we won’t know until we see him in Wonder Woman next June—but I’m hoping they keep him around. Just from the trailer alone for Wonder Woman, it seems like Chris Pine is bringing a lot of much-needed heart and energy to the DCEU. He’s returned before in the comics – they can find a way to bring him back in the movies. I think it would be an awesome subplot for Diana to realize that Steve is still alive. And maybe he’s working for Amanda Waller?


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  1. Use the Amanda Waller.

I loved Viola Davis in Suicide Squad. Her Amanda Waller was badass, brilliant, cunning, deadly and amazing to watch. I want to see her in every DCEU film. Zack Snyder has a lot of love for Lex Luthor, but I’d say Waller is the Nick Fury of the DC Extended Universe. She’s in every corner. So it only makes sense that she’d have a hand in the creation of Justice League. We’ve already seen her sitting with Batman for dinner at the end of Suicide Squad. Why not have her show up again? Even a cameo would be enough for me.


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Speaking of cameos:

  1. Can we get a Harley and Joker cameo, please?

Post-Suicide Squad, Joker and Harley are on the run. They’ve escaped Belle Reve prison, and now they’re looking to take on the Batman. It would only make sense for them to show up in Justice League! There’s been rumors of this happening, as a funny scene where they think they’ll fight only Batman, but the entire League shows up. This would be amazing. Joker and Harley were two of the most popular characters in Suicide Squad, and I think people would lose their minds if they interacted with the Justice League.


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  1. Develop Batman and Superman.

I don’t know about you, but I personally left Man of Steel and Batman v Superman feeling like I didn’t have any personal connection to Batman OR Superman. Which is a problem, if they’re going to be the Iron Man and Captain America of the DCEU. I know it’s early on, but I think we have to stop saving stuff for future movies and doing it as soon as we can. We’ve spent two movies with Henry Cavill’s Superman, and while I really like his performance, I don’t really feel any connection to the character. It must be the script. It kind of works for Superman, because he’s supposed to be an alien who no one can relate to, but still… I think Superman’s personality has always shined in other portrayals.

And the same goes for Batman. Ben Affleck was fantastic—in fact, I think he’s the best casting choice thus far in the DCEU, and one of the best casting choices ever for a comic book movie—but I still don’t really feel a sense of connection to his character. I’d love Justice League to explore a little bit more of his backstory, to delve more into why he is the way he is. They’ve said his solo movie will tell that story, so if they could tease it in Justice League, that’d be great.


Photo credit: Batman News

  1. Give Ben Affleck as much to do as possible.

Ben Affleck is by far the best thing to happen in the DCEU thus far. His performance is amazing, and he looks like the Bruce Wayne character to me. Can’t say enough good things about him. So I, obviously, want to see more of him. It’s said that he and Wonder Woman are leading the team, which I love. But I want to see Batman really put this team together. I want the movie to build the mythos behind who Batman really is. And of course, I want to see more dope action sequences. That costume? Come on, man. It’s amazing.


Photo credit: Nerdist

  1. Green Lantern… John Stewart?

There’s rumors about Green Lantern showing up in this movie, and I would be 100% on board for it… If it’s John Stewart. I don’t really want to see Hal Jordan again yet. They tried to give him a movie and it didn’t work at all. Give John Stewart a chance to be this character; let him lead the Green Lantern Corps. I know this probably won’t happen, but just think of how amazing it would be to see the John Stewart iteration of Green Lantern fighting alongside the Justice League.


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  1. Please, tone down the Lex Luthor. PLEASE.

I didn’t hate Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor as much as a lot of people did, but my chief complaint with him is that he just feels like a business CEO version of the Joker. I honestly might have preferred him as the Joker over Jared Leto. His performance wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t accurate to the Lex Luthor character. So if he shows up in Justice League (which has been confirmed already by people working on the film), I really want him to not annoy me as much as he did in Batman v Superman. I want him to be more like the comic character. You’ve already got your flamboyant villain—and he needs a lot of work.


Photo credit: Comicbook

  1. Don’t tease Darkseid.

I know. It’s become Marvel’s trademark to tease the big bad in the end-credits sequence. But DC, I’m asking you not to repeat this. People will just say you’ve copied Marvel, and I don’t feel like hearing that. I don’t think you do either. Also, I don’t think you need to tease Darkseid. People already know he’s coming. Show, don’t tell. Right?


Photo credit: DC Comics

  1. Give Cyborg a boom tube!

Boom tubes are one of the best things about Young Justice, and I would love to see them used in the DCEU. In the New 52 comics, Cyborg has taken boom tubes from other characters and applied them to his mechanics. I’d love to see this happen in the DCEU. It would make the Cyborg character cooler than he already is and give him more of a reason to be on the team. To be honest, I just want to see more of Cyborg in general—I want to see the justification for him getting a solo movie.


Photo credit: Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center

And finally…

  1. Make Superman great again.

A lot of people hated the way Superman was depicted in Batman v Superman. I liked it, but I can see where y’all are coming from. I do think it’s time for him to learn from his mistakes and understand that he needs to wise up. He has people to protect, and lives to save. So, when Superman returns, I want to see him be the Superman that everyone loves—selflessly prioritizing the lives of the people he’s sworn to protect over his own, and being a hero for everyone.


Photo credit: Den of Geek

That’s my Justice League wish list. I’m very excited for the movie and I can’t wait for it to come out, so I can see if any of my theories are true!

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