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5 Directors Who Can Helm “The Batman” Film

We recently found out Ben Affleck will NOT be directing The Batman. If you want to cry that’s fine, but just know that he will still have a very active role in the film by writing, producing, and acting. So since Ben Affleck won’t be directing, it begs the question: who do we want to direct The Batman? Or the better question, who is the best fit to direct the film? One thing to consider when making a Batman film is that Gotham City, is also a character; much like Batman, we need to see the city in a established, new perspective. The 5 directors I’ve chosen are known for the wonderful world building in their films, which could be brought to expand the Batman mythos.

5.) Chad Stahelski

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Originally a stuntman and an actors body double, Stahelski sat in the directors chair for the first time in John Wick. The highly popular action film surprised everyone by the story, action, and the world building. What Stahelski accomplished in John Wick was create this world of assassins that felt incredibly real and opened the door for multiple films. Also a second unit director for The Winter Soldier, Stahelski knows his action and with a nice blend of Affleck’s writing, his stylized Gotham City could be arguably one of the most fantastical parts of the film.

4.) Gareth Evans

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Not a name people have heard of since he doesn’t really work in Hollywood, but he is known for directing The Raid films. Both of The Raid films are just one big action, fight scene, but it’s what he does with the action that makes him a great choice. He is able to convey the story and character emotions in the fight scenes. His fight scenes are raw and intense and with Deathstroke as the villain, that is needed.

3.) Park Chan-wook

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Source: Asian Movie Pulse

If you’ve ever seen the South Korean film Oldboy (Not that crappy American version), then you’ve seen a superhero film. Chan-wook directed a action-packed, fun film with intense fight scenes that the Netflix series Daredevil replicated. His latest film The Handmaiden, is a dark mystery, and with his film record, he could allow himself to explore in depth the detective side of Batman.

2.) Alfonso Cuaron

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Source: New York Magazine

One of the best genre directors working today, directing drama’s,  romance’s, fantasies, sci-fi, and action. Known for films like GravityChildren of Men, and Prisoner of Azkaban, the man clearly has the talent since he also an Oscar winner.  He’s also in the good graces of WB since he has directed arguably the best Harry Potter film, without even reading a single book in the series. He’s also helping WB and Andy Serkis by giving them notes on their version of The Jungle Book. Cuaron can give The Batman the obvious dark tone, but also play into the mystery element and like Chan-wook, explore the detective side of Batman.

1.) Rian Johnson

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Source: Latino Review

Known for Looper, Breaking Bad and the upcoming Star Wars film (The Last Jedi.) What makes Johnson a good choice for the film is that he’s a team player. Affleck is still gonna have a certain amount of control on the film and having a talented director, willing to work alongside Ben, can only elevate it. His dark themes and his cerebral style, makes him a great candidate for the film, allowing us to explore more into the psyche of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

There are still a couple of other directors that are more than qualified to direct the film, such as David Fincher, Matt Reeves, Doug Liman, etc. However, I believe the 5 directors I’ve chosen can give us a distinctive tone that can fit perfectly well with Affleck’s Batman.

What do you think of the choices? Have someone else in mind? Let us know! Tweet us @GeeksofColor or myself @Manny_Castell.

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