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Samurai Jack: Top 3 Moments From The Show

If ya don’t know, now ya know Samurai Jack returns to Adult Swim on March 11th! In celebration of the 12 year drought finally being snapped I want to reminisce on some of my favorite moments. Getting these down to 3 was brutal, so many that could have been interchanged.

3. Jack VS Mad Jack




Every great hero has his counterpart: Spiderman and venom, Wolverine and Sabertooth, The Flash and Reverse Flash, and so on and so on.  It was only right to have Jack fight against one of his greatest foes, himself.  This fight stands out to me because it’s one of the few times Jack was really on the ropes.  The angrier he got fighting the stronger Mad Jack became.  Jack eventually was able to beat his inner demons by making peace with himself.

 2.  Jack VS the 3 Blind Archers




This fight stands out to me because it’s just so cool. I mean blind archers, a mystical tower, flashbacks what more could you want.  The Archers prove to be too much for Jack at first but after some self-reflection and training flashbacks Jack knew what he had to do.  It is at this moment when Jack put on a blindfold that I knew he was that dude forever more.  He conquers the tower and this episode even had kind of a twist in it at the end.  Definitely worthy of this list.

 1.  Jack Vs the Beetle Army




I mean honestly what else could have been the top spot.  Nothing ever stands out as much as the epic 3 episode trilogy where Jack teams up with these talking dogs to take on this endless horde of beetle-bots.  Jack set up some clever traps and tricks in preparation, but still he literally took on an army single handedly.  The scenes toward the end of the batter where Jack is covered in oil will go down in history as some of the most iconic Samurai Jack scenes.  Although there are so many classic moments that could have been numbers 2 and 3 on this list episodes 1-3 will always be my number 1.



What do you want to see in the new season of Samurai Jack? What are your favorite moments from the show? Tweet @Geeksofcolor or myself (@taylor_made20). Stay Lit.



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