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Craig Robinson and Adam Scott to Co-Star in New Fox Pilot ‘Ghosted’

Craig Robinson and Adam Scott: what do these two actors have in common? Well first off, they’re both hilarious guys on and off screen. Second, one of them was on The Office, and the other was on Parks and Recreation. And no, we’re not starting another twitter war about which show is better (*cough* Parks and Rec *cough*), we’re here to let you know that both of the former NBC actors will be starring in a new paranormal comedy show together on Fox.

Ghosted, will reportedly focus on the story of a man who’s skeptical about the supernatural (Robinson), and another man who’s a “true believer” (Scott), who both somehow get recruited by The Bureau Underground to look into the strange things that have been happening in Los Angeles, as the events could end up threatening humanity if unchecked.

Described as “The X-Files as a comedy,” the Ghosted Co-star will each serve as an executive producer on the project, as well as a handful of others. Fox had originally ordered a pilot for this new title back in August 2016, but it’s just now taking off from the ground.

What do you guys think about this show? Excited to see this comedic duo share a screen on television? Sounds off in the comment section below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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