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Iron Fist Episode Titles Revealed

We’re all patiently awaiting the arrival of Iron Fist, the next Marvel/Netflix team-up series, but we haven’t received that much news about it. That’s definitely not a bad thing, because we don’t want the show to be ruined for us, but the project is out in a little over a month, so we’re expecting more promo to make its way to the public soon. For now, we’ve been given the titles for each episode, so we’ll take that.

Comic Book Resources shared the list online, and the titles are accompanied by the director of each episode. Just a heads up: some of the titles have been deemed as potential spoilers, so check them out below at your risk:

  • Episode 1: “Snow Gives Way” directed by John Dahl
  • Episode 2: “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight” directed by John Dahl
  • Episode 3: “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” directed by Tom Shankland
  • Episode 4: “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm” directed by unknown
  • Episode 5: “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus” directed by Uta Briesewitz
  • Episode 6: “Immortal Emerges From Cave” directed by unknown.
  • Episode 7: “Felling With Tree Routes” directed by Farren Blackburn (Rated 18 for strong bloody violence)
  • Episode 8: “The Blessing Of Many Fractures” directed by Kevin Tancharoen
  • Episode 9: “The Mistress Of All Agonies” directed by Jet Wilkinson
  • Episode 10: Title To Be Announced, Director Currently Unknown
  • Episode 11: “Lead Horse Back To Stable” directed by Deborah Chow (Rated 12 for mild violence)
  • Episode 12: Title To Be Announced, Director Currently Unknown
  • Episode 13: “Dragon Plays With Fire” directed by Stephen Surjik


The show is set at 13 episodes, like most Netflix Originals,and it looks like a few of them are going to be a bit more violent than others. We wouldn’t exactly consider these titles to be spoilers, but some people who are well-versed in the mythos of Iron Fist might say otherwise. Do you guys have any comments, thoughts, or speculations about these titles? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: CBR

Marvel’s Iron Fist will be available for steaming on Netflix on March 17th, 2017.



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