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Bryan Singer Will Direct The New Fox/Marvel Series’ Pilot

A lot of X-Men fans aren’t exactly a big fan of Bryan Singer due to the way he’s handled the Live-Action X-Men films for the past decade (and then some), but clearly Fox is still a fan of his work, because they keep giving him more control over these characters, and most recently? He’s set to direct the pilot for the new action drama that Fox is teaming up with Marvel TV for.

This news came via Deadline, and it shouldn’t exactly be a shocker to anyone. Singer was already signed on as the show’s executive producer, and the directing deal was reportedly already up in the air, but they required a bit of time to officially seal the deal.


While people remain divided on the job Singer has done with each X-Men story he’s taken on, we’re remaining hopeful, because this time around he’ll be taking on a show, and not a giant blockbuster. He should have time to fine-tune the pilot and make sure he irons out the errors, and most importantly, stays true to the story at hand.

Source: Deadline

No release date for this untitled X-Men series yet, but we’ll let you know when we get one.



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