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Green Lantern Corps Fancast


When the lineup for Warner Brothers/DC’s Justice League film was announced many of us noticed that a certain founding member, Hal Jordan, was missing and myself included were hoping for John Stewart to appear. Well awhile back it was announced that Earth’s Green Lantern would be getting a feature film on the DC comics slate titled “Green Lantern Corps” implying to many of us that multiple lanterns would appear. It was recently “revealed” that both Hal Jordan and John Stewart would lead the film and that the movie would be like a buddy cop film in space. Well with all of this said I’ve taken it upon myself as your resident fancaster to whip up Green Lantern fancast of characters I would love to see appear in the Green Lantern Universe. I hope you enjoy.

[Photo Credit: Samantha Rebuyac]

Lewis Tan  as Hal Jordan

I think its pretty safe to assume that everyone has figure out at this point that I’m a big fan of Lewis Tan and that I’d love to see him gain more traction and appear in a lot of big Hollywood films, with that said I think he’d be a dope Hal Jordan. Lewis is a fantastic actor that is more than capable of performing his own stunts as well as perfectly mixing important aspects of Hal’s personality. In order to cast Hal Jordan the casting director must remember that Hal is egotistical, sarcastic, not always mature, impulsive, and headstrong. Now these aren’t always the best qualities in a Green Lantern, but they seem to work for Hal and those he works with.

[Photo Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo]

Billy Brown as John Stewart

As a Marine sniper John Stewart is notoriously stern, disciplined, and focused and when casting for him you have to keep all of these things in mind. You have to have an actor who can convey those three things without coming off as cold or hardened. When casting of John Stewart you have to keep in mind that he still has a heart of gold and would do anything for his friends and the people he loves. I chose Billy Brown for the role because as Nate on How to Get Away with Murder he exemplifies a lot of what John Stewart is. Billy Brown is fantastic at playing the vulnerable yet extremely tough as nails type character and I firmly believe he would be the John Stewart that we deserve. Not to mention WB would be extremely lucky to have another How to Get Away with Murder actor in their court.

Jason Isaac as Sinestro

Sinestro is one of those characters that toes the line of being a villain and having a noble cause. His intentions are for the most part are pure and honorable its his approach and the methods that he uses to get there that are unacceptable. Sinestro can quite often be cruel, barbaric, and most definitely oppressive to reach his goals. I chose Jason Isaac because the man makes the perfect villain and he’s amazing at layering and adding some nuance to his portrayals of villains. Jason Isaac can give you a villain that’s simply evil just because hes an asshole and he can also give you a villain who is evil through circumstance with pretty layered reasoning. Sinestro is going to requite an actor who can give you more than just the stereotypical villain he’s going to need someone who can give charm, wit, and one hell of an evil glare.

[Photo Credit: Alex Welsh]

Ken Watanabe as Abin Sur

I chose Ken Watanabe to play Abin Sur because when I think of Abin Sur I think of an extremely wise character with a deep well of patience, spirituality, and presence. Ken is one of those actors who from the moment he opens his mouth to say his lines you instantly want to follow him, you instantly want to do whatever he says is necessary and you want to be on his side. Ken Watanabe has a voice that’s filled with confidence and peace. Abin Sur is the type of character that requires just the right actor because you need someone who is good at making you want to follow them…making you want to follow them into battle and trusting that they will do everything to help get you back out on the other side. Ken is that type of actor in may of the roles he has played.

[Photo Credit: Dan Martensen]

Aja Naomi King as Carol Ferris

Aja Naomi King as Carol Ferris just seems too perfect to not already be on Warner Brother’s list. Carol is extremely confident, headstrong, and she doesn’t take any crap from anyone especially Hal. On How to Get Away with Murder Aja plays the amazing Michaela Pratt who for all intents and purposes is everything that Carol Ferris is: smart, funny, strong, independent, and doesn’t take any crap from anyone having no problem standing up for herself against anyone. Aja is one of those actresses that brings a breath of soul and fresh air to any role that she is in and WB would be extremely lucky to add another How to Get Away with Murder alum to their universe.

[Photo Credit: Nadav Kander]

Ron Perlman as Kilowog

Kilowog is one of those characters that requires someone who can portray the tough as nails military type. He’s tough and stern, but he also has a funny side and relishes the opportunity to train and whip a new lantern into shape. Kilowog has to be someone with a big voice as well considering he’s a massive character, that’s why I chose Ron Perlman. Ron Perlman’s voice is iconic having played everyone from Deathstroke in Teen Titans to Hellboy. Ron Perlman is no stranger to comics and is often excited and hype anytime someone fancasts him to play a new character. Perlman would fit Kilowog stupendously.

Peter Capaldi as Tomar Re

Peter Capaldi as Tomar-Re would be so good that I don’t even think it needs explanation but I’m going to do it anyway. Peter Capaldi is fantastic at changing it up to breathe new life into a character and I guess that comes with immense experience. Tomar Re is extremely intelligent and loyal to the Green Lantern corp with a sense of pride and honor in what he does as a lantern. It would be amazing to see Capaldi portray such a loyal and dutiful character.

[Photo Credit: Nino Munoz]

Patrick Stewart as Appa Ali Apsa

Appa Ali Apsa was one of the immortal Guardians of the Universe and one of its most traditional. However after an event Appa Ali Apsa went mad and considering how much power he could channel and use that was incredibly dangerous. I chose Patrick Stewart to portray Appa Ali Apsa because the mans voice drips with sophistication and wisdom and whenever I think of Appa Ali Apsa I always end up hearing Patrick Stewart’s voice doling out his judgements and his decrees.

[Photo Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File]

[Photo Credit: Timothy White]

Christopher Plummer and Whoopi Goldberg as Ganthet and Sayd

I chose these two to portray Ganthet and Sayd because both actors are legendary and capable of just like the characters inspiring and instilling hope. Both of their voices are soothing and full of wisdom and experience and that’s something that I think two of the Guardian’s most important members need. Ganthet and Sayd are the most non traditional members of the Guardians of the Universe. The two were banished for falling in love and committing the crime of “feeling” in the eyes of the other guardians. The two would later go on to form the Blue Lantern corp of hope.

[Photo Credit: Twitter/ @KevinGrevioux]

Kevin Grevioux as Atrocitus

Just by the very nature of being a Red Lantern Atrocitus is filled with rage, anger, and hatred and in my head when I hear him speak its with a very deep rough, and bolstering voice that terrifies you. I chose Kevin Grevioux to play Atrocitus because as an actor he is good at portraying terrifying characters, his voice is deep and rough and could shake a person to their core. Atrocitus is going to need someone who has presence and who can be truly terrifying in every aspect of the word and I think kevin is the man for that.

[Photo Credit: BBC/ Doctor Who]

Matt Smith as Saint Walker

I’ve been a Matt Smith fan since seeing him play the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who simply put I adore him. Matt has a way of making a character so pure and innocent and filled with wonder and hope that you can’t help but smile and those are all the things that I believe Saint Walker is. As a Blue Lantern Saint Walker is capable of inspiring immense hope in all who are near him. Saint is extremely pure and innocent  and full of a childlike wonder and curiosity that just makes you want to scoop him up and hug the little string bean. Matt Smith would be an amazing Saint Walker.

[Photo Credit: Wen Hair Care]

Candice Accola King as Arisia

Since Arisia is often portrayed as a new recruit to the Green Lantern Corps including her would be fantastic for the audience because it would allow the audience to learn about the corp at the same time that she does. Arisia could be the audience’s way of getting information in an organic manner since it already has to be explained to her. Arisia is the type of character that’s extremely curious and once she notices something she can’t let it go. She’s often new to the use of the power ring and her role as a Lantern so it quite often comes across as her being uncertain of herself and her abilities. I chose Candice Accola King because she is fantastic at portraying these types of characters. She does a good job with portraying characters that have an immense curiosity and a need to know and understand more. Candice is also fantastic at being strong and vulnerable at the same time which is something that you’re going to need for Arisia. If she is uncertain of herself and her abilities then its going to leave her open to a certain degree of vulnerability and even danger.

[Photo Credit: Liz Rosa]

Olivia Cheng as Laira Omoto

Laira Omoto is like the Psylocke of the Green Lantern universe except she has more of a code and a sense of honor that Betsy. Laira Omoto is an extremely strong and formidable character and warrior capable of weaving her constructs together flawlessly with her amazing hand to hand and weapons combat skills. I chose Oliva Cheng to play Laira Omoto because she is fantastic at breathing life and complexity into a character that could otherwise be painted as nothing more than a warrior. Laira is going to need someone who can of course handle the physical aspects such as fighting and the stunts be she is also going to need someone who can add some vulnerability into that while making the character her own and I believe Olivia would be the perfect choice for that.

[Photo Credit: Jay Brooks]

James McAvoy as Black Hand

I chose James McAvoy to portray Black Hand because the man is simply fantastic with weaving back and forth between sophistication and madness. Black Hand needs an actor that can convey sophistication and intelligence and instantly weave in subtle and not so subtle hints of madness and being unhinged. Black Hand is the type that is obsessed with destruction and causing as much chaos and discord as he possibly can. I think McAvoy would be the perfect choice for Black Hand.

[Photo Credit: Underworld Evolution/Lakeshore Entertainment]

Bill Nighy as Nekron

Bill Nighy has one of those voices that can chill you to the bone. The man can be pretty scary and so to me its only fitting that he portrays Nekron the lord of the unliving. I can hear and see him adding little mannerisms and ticks to the way that Nekron speaks and moves that just takes him to the next level. There is something about his speech pattern that just fits perfectly to me. Whenever I read anything with Nekron in it its Billy Nighy’s voice that I hear.

[Photo Credit: Bollywood News]

 Irrfan Khan as Brother Warth

Brother Warth just like Saint Walker is such a peaceful and hopeful soul, but I guess that comes with the territory of being a Blue Lantern. Brother Warth is based on the Hindu god Ganesha and so it was important to me to translate that actor wise into an actor who was Indian and I instantly thought of Irrfan Khan. Anytime I watch a movie in it and I realize Irrfan is in the cast I instantly get excited because I love hearing him speak. Irrfan’s voice is so calm and soothing and I think he would be the perfect person to motion capture and voice Brother Warth in the DCEU.

[Photo Credit: Lauren Dukoff]

Kate Mara as Bleez

Bleez is a character who has had some pretty horrible things done to her at the hands of the Sinestro corp. As a Red Lantern she is filled with immense rage and hatred and for good reason. When casting Bleez I think its important to cast someone who is fantastic at portraying rage, but also adding something else to it. Giving the rage meaning and the anger some context. It would be very easy to portray Bleez as simply angry, but the humanity has to be found within the character to make her something more and so I instantly thought of Kate Mara. Kate Mara is a fantastic actress who is capable of incredible warmth and also incredible rage and anger. Kate is the type of actress who would be able to find the pain and anger and humanity within Bleez and use it to make her a stand out character in the franchise.

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