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Fight Like a Girl: 5 Female Characters We Love

By: J’Neia Stewart

In honor of the various women’s marches taking place worldwide today, we thought we would provide a few of our favorite examples of women in the sci-fi/fantasy/comic genres who kick ass in everything they do (in no particular order, of course).

What does it mean to fight like a girl?

A girl is brave. A girl is intelligent. A girl is fearless. A girl is fights for what is right, regardless of who doesn’t like it. Most importantly, a girl gets things done. If you think this is starting to sound a lot like something out of Game of Thrones, you may be able to guess who our first girl is.

1)Daenerys Targaryen 


Source: HBO

The very definition of “Move over, I’ll do it myself”, Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys Targaryen proves time and time again that if you need something done, you ask a woman to do it. She is fearless and intelligent, qualities made all the more amazing knowing that she has grown into them through each book and season of Game of Thrones.



Source: AMC Networks

Michonne is, without question, the one of the best characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead. She is protective of what she loves and always has a plan. From her introduction in season 3 to the current season 7, we have seen Michonne grow from a stoic figure who refused to become attached in a post-apocalyptic world to a woman who has friends, family, and a love life. Those aren’t things we always get to see Black women have in the sci-fi genre.

3)Daisy Johnson


Source: ABC & Marvel

From computer hacker to Inhuman agent, Daisy Johnson has risen to become one of Marvels strongest characters. No matter what adversity she faces, she always manages to come out on top. This girl has fought Kree Aliens, evil Inhumans, and even took down her own mother for the greater good. She loves Dorian Parks and they will probably get married in 2020. Hopefully she will make a movie debut in Infinity War, the avengers could really use a powerhouse like her.

4)America Chavez



A tough, no BS attitude with a fierce love for all that is important to her only scratches the surface of Marvel’s America Chavez. Aside from being raised by two mothers in a different dimension, little is known about America Chavez’s past. Her superpowers include the standard super strength and super speed at times, but perhaps the coolest power she has is that she can open portals to other dimensions and Earths via holes in reality. Cisco vibes anyone? Another cool thing about America is that, along with being a minority in the Marvel universe, she is also a lesbian. So, there is a lot about America Chavez to look forward to. Hopefully, we get to see her on the screen, big or small, as her story could certainly appeal to a diverse audience.

5)Kamala Khan


Source: Marvel

Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American Inhuman who can change the size of certain parts of her body at will. Kamala starts off shy and timid, but comes into her own in the Marvel universe as truly badass. She comes from a very traditional family and, while she’s respectful of the tradition, she has always felt a little different and somewhat distant from her culture. Ultimately, Kamala Khan can serve as an inspiration to a lot of different people with non-American upbringings. Maybe we could get to see her as an Inhuman on Agents of Shield or in the Inhumans film set to be released in theaters sometime in the semi-near future.

Well, that wraps this up for now! These are only a few of the amazing women we salute in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I’m sure they would have been out marching today too.





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