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Lets Switch it up. Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch

A couple of days ago Nintendo revealed a lot of information about the Nintendo Switch, so lets go through it and highlight a couple of key points of information.

First, what is the Switch even? The Switch is a console that is a handheld and a set top console at the same time.  You can play the switch on the TV or on the go, which is pretty lit if you ask me.




The switch is on route to launch on March 3, 2017.  The switch will cost $300 in the United States, that 300 will get you: The Switch, the Switch dock, the joy-con (The removable part of the controller), the Joy-con grip, 2 Joy-con straps, the AC adaptor, and an HDMI cord.  The Switch is a little more expensive than most people hoped but what are ya gonna do.

The Joy-con albeit a strange name is actually a pretty nifty device, watch the controller demo here.

The Switch dock is what allows you to hook the console up to the TV and play on the TV but you can also remove the Switch from the dock at any time and continue playing on the move.  Nintendo has stated that the switch off the dock can get up to 6 hours of battery life but will vary based on usage.  The Switch can be charged in handheld mode off of the dock as well.  One of the strongest attributes to the Switch is the multitude of ways to play.



source: Nintendo Instagram


A new online service will also launch with the switch, and while the service will be free for most of the year come Fall 2017 Nintendo will start to charge for the online service.

A lot of the games featured during the show were minigames such as tennis, quick-draw, pong, ect.  We got a look at a new boxing style fighting game called “Arms”, this game can even be played online or locally.  We also got a look at a fan favorite, Splatoon 2 which will be out Summer 2017.  Another highlight was a look we got at this super cool looking Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey.  Odyssey takes place partly in the real world instead of the Mushroom Kingdom and the trailer looked outstandingly fun.





Fast forward to the end of the show Nintendo showed a 3 minute long amazingly beautiful Legend of Zelda trailer.  Everything about the game looks amazing and best of all Breath of the Wild will be out with The Switch at launch on March 3rd.  All in all this was a very exciting press release for Nintendo. The Switch in my opinion looks to be the system that should’ve happened after the Wii.  Looking forward to a strong rest of the year from Nintendo.  Keep a sharp eye on the horizon, I have a feeling more surprises are on the way closer to March 3rd.







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