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Detective Eddie Thawne Making a Comeback in The Flash Season 3

Okay so we all remember Detective Eddie Thawne (played by Rick Cosnett) in season one of The Flash, right? Super nice guy, good and reliable detective. But he was the obstacle that was keeping Barry and Iris apart. So like every show does when they have a character like this, they killed him off in a heroic way, and eventually everyone moved on from his death and went about their business. He’s one of the characters that died, and actually stayed dead.

Sure, we saw his character “return” when Barry traveled back in time and went to different Earths. But a full character revival? That wasn’t happening. Until now, that is.

The news actually comes from Rick Cosnett himself, via a twitter post– accompanied with a macho image of himself – from earlier today (as of the time of this writing). Check it out below:

Now no one else involved with the show has confirmed this yet, but the man wouldn’t just straight up lie to the world about his return to the show. We’re not sure what the picture of himself has to do with The Flash, but it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how the events play out when Eddie comes back from the dead (if that’s even how he’ll make his return), especially since Barry and Iris are dating now. We’re here for that drama.

As more news on Detective Thawne’s return to The Flash hits the web, we’ll share it here with you guys.

Source: Rick Cosnett (via twitter)

The Flash returns to The CW on January 24th at 7pm CST.


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