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10 Lanterns We Want To See In The Green Lantern Corps Movie

Early this week, we told you guys that Warner Bros. had finally revealed who would be writing the script for their Green Lantern Corps film, and also some character details that revealed that Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart would be the two that the film focused on the most.

What’s cool is that the Green Lantern Corps features some of the most interesting and diverse characters than any other group in comics. We’re assuming that the film will feature a lot of familiar faces from the corps, but who? Standing at around 7,200 members (two for each space sector – except Earth, which has four’s Earth), there’s a lot to chose from, but we thought we’d help them out and share our list of 10 Lanterns we want to see in the film.

(NOTE: I’m excluding Hal Jordan and John Stewart since they’re both already going to be in the film)

Kyle Rayner


Coming in first on our list is Kyle Rayner, the Earthbound lantern who was the host of Ion – the physical symbiotic entity of willpower. Rayner was first introduced in the comics shortly after the Corps was destroyed by Hal Jordan (Parallax at that time), and he’s always been considered one of the greatest Lanterns who lived, due to the fact that he lead the corps back from the brink of extinction. He was even a white Lantern at one point (meaning he was a badass who mastered the rings of all seven corps). He also has a very interesting story arc (one in particular that involves his girlfriend..), and it’d be interesting to see that transferred to the big screen in the future. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see him in the first Green Lantern film, we can still remain hopeful for it!



Next on the list is one of the toughest and most well known Lanterns, Kilowog. An alien that slightly resembles a bulldog on steroids, Kilowog was known as the main trainer of the entire Corps, Hal Jordan included . What would be great about seeing him in the GLC movie is his interaction with Jordan (who he’s known to get into many verbal altercations with). And yes, we saw his character in the Green Lantern film from 2011, but we need his character to receive a full redo. Plus, we just want to see him call someone a “poozer” on the big screen.

Katma Tui


Katma Tui was born on the planet of Korugar (same as Sinestro, who we’ll get to later), and she’s a pretty exemplary member of the Corps. Coming from a planet who once viewed the corps as a sign of oppression and pain, Tui eventually became a champion of the Green ring, and changed her people’s outlook on the Lanterns as a whole. If it’s true that John Stewart is the main focus of this new Green Lantern film, then adding Katma is a no-brainer, seeing as how the two characters have some pretty steamy history.


Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)


We’re switching it up here and adding a member from a different type of Lantern. Carol Ferris is both a longtime love interest to Hal Jordan, and also a member of the Star Sapphires, which are ring slinger that operate off of the power of sweet, sweet love. Like we said earlier, Carol is a love interest to Hal, but imagine seeing her as a Star Sapphire? That would open up the opportunity to bring in all the other Lantern Corps. Also, Carol would still a pretty important character to at least mention in the film, even if they don’t plan to take advantage of her being a Sapphire.



No list would be complete without the inclusion of everyone’s favorite renegade Green Lantern: Sinestro. Before Hal Jordan, Sinestro was the one that everyone called the greatest Green Lantern who ever lived. But then homeboy went all psycho and ditched the lanterns to create the Sinestro Corps (conceited much?), the ring slingers that feed off of fear to power their rings. His character has always been shown as arrogant, but powerful and skilled enough to back up his big words. Sinestro basically taught Hal Jordan the ropes, and could definitely be called his greatest nemesis to date. They could make like four movies with just Hal and Sinestro fighting alone. But let’s be realistic, we’re just hoping we see him in some capacity in the first film.



Tomar-Re is one of those characters that’s pretty significant, but you still never remember their name. A Xudarian that protects space sector 2813 and sometimes trains rookies and serves in the honor guard, Tomar was always a pretty important member of the corps. He was the first Lantern that met Hal Jordan after he had received his ring from the late Abin Sur (who Tomar-Re was close friends with). In the comics, Hal and Tomar are pretty good friends, so having him in the film could help show how tight-knit the bond between the Corps members is. After all, they’re basically brothers in arms.


Arisia Rrab


Arisia is part of a lineage of Lanterns, with her father, uncle, and about thirteen other family members being a part of the corps at some time or another. Regardless of that, she is one of the more widely known Lanterns, due to her somewhat large history. An interesting fact is that while her people closely resemble humans, she and all the people on her home planet of Graxos IV are actually aliens.

If she was to be introduced in the movie, it’d probably be best to show her in her early stages of training, so we can experience her character growth over time. Also, if they do consider including Arisia for the GL movie, they probably shouldn’t include that strange – and kind of gross – relationship she had with Hal Jordan in the comics, since she was a teenager that used the ring to make her self look older, so that Hal would be more interested in her. Beware her power, i guess.



Yes, that planet is a Green Lantern. Well, kind of. In the beginning, Mogo was a pretty irrelevant character. However as the years went on, his – yes, it’s a he – role in the Green Lantern comics grew. He’s known as the main being that distributes GL rings when it’s time to chose a new lantern, and he’s also the go-to spot when a lantern needs a little R&R. If Warner Bros. wanted a simple explanation as to how the rings get to the next selected Lantern, this would be the way to go. Plus, Marvel is having a living planet in their shared universe, so it’s only right that DC does as well.

Laira Omoto


Laira Omoto is another pretty well known Lantern, and she was fairly popular among readers. First introduced in the 90’s, Laira has always been known as a tough fighter, who’s martial art skills are second to none. One of the most interesting things about her though is at one point, she let her rage get the best of her, and she became a Red Lantern. Introducing her character into the DCEU would be a great thing to do, because as well as adding another badass Lantern, this would be a good way to gradually introduce Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns. Also Laira is one of my personal favorite characters so it would just benefit me to see her included if we’re being real.

Simon Baz & Jessica Cruz


Yeah, I cheated. Sue Me.

Now im not sure how caught up any of you guys are with the current 2016 run of Green Lantern comics (spoilers below), but these are the current main two Green Lanterns of Earth, and space sector 2814. What’s interesting about these two is that they’re both great individual characters, but they work so much better when they’re paired up, mostly because they’re polar opposites. We have Simon Baz, a Lebanese-American who’s cocky, hardheaded and quite brash at times. Also, he carries a gun, because one of the most powerful weapons in the world isn’t enough for the guy.  On the other hand we have Jessica Cruz, our first Latin-American Lantern  who was originally so fearful of the world after witnessing the murder of her friends in front of her, she locked herself in her apartment for years. Not a lot of willpower there.

After a few life-changing events, she was dubbed the other new Green Lantern of Earth. What’s great about these two is that they’re both the first Hispanic and Muslim Lanterns ever, and they both actually have great character arcs so far. It would be doing them a disservice to separate them if they ever appeared in a Green Lantern movie.  Also (and im just throwing this out there), if these two were ever brought to life, i think Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin would make a perfect Jessica Cruz. Just sayin’.

Honorable mentions:



Guy Gardner




Black Hand


Sodam Yat


And that’s the list guys! I know i didn’t go super in depth to each character, but i just wanted to give you guys some brief thoughts on each character. If there’s any other Lantern of any Corps that you’d like to see, let us know who in the comment section below!

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