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David Goyer,Justin Rhodes To Write ‘Green Lantern Corps’, Characters and Details Revealed.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros and DC are moving towards a new screen version of Green Lantern. They’ve chosen David Goyer to write the script along with Justin Rhodes for the Green Lantern Corps movie. Goyer is also producing with the DC heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg exec producing.

This new version of the movie has been described as Lethal Weapon in space, and it’s based on a comic book origin story. The main focus will be on two characters: Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The latter is an African American Marine sniper before he joined the Lantern Corps and the story very much focuses on his relationship with Jordan and the Corps. The story was conceived by Goyer and Johns.The next goal for Dc is to get a script ready and get a director quickly.


Goyer isn’t a rookie when it comes to writing superhero scripts. He is behind the script for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, Goyer also wrote both Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Justin Rhodes is a new up-and coming screenwriter, and only has a couple of features to his name so far. He’s written the scripts for Unmanned, Grassroots, and Contract Killers. Excited to see his work on this film though.

Let us know what you think about this news! There isn’t an official release date but we will keep you updated on any news that breaks!


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