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Could Peter Dinklage Be Playing Pip The Troll in Avengers: Infinity War

Earlier today it was reported that Peter Dinklage is being eyed for a key role in Marvels Avengers Infinity War. It also said that his role was unknown, and of course fans started trying to guess what character he would play. So I decided to post an interesting theory I saw on who he could be playing. maxresdefault.jpg

I am 100% sure he is not reprising his role from X men days of future past. It would honestly be too confusing to try and bring Xmen’s distorted timeline in to the mix of the MCU.

I think he could definitely be playing the comicbook character Pip Gofern. Pip Gofern also known as Pip the Troll  was born on a planet named Laxidazia and into royalty as the 260th in line for the throne.



On his planet he found a group of Laxidazian trolls, who were considered a subspecies and degenerates to be shunned by the others. After a long night of drinking with them(turn up, its lit,) Pip woke up to find that he had gained the characteristics of a troll. Their liquor was in enchanted with an altering quality. Even though he tried to hide it, his transformation and his trollish behavior caused him to be exiled. If I was on this planet, I’d be exiled without even drinking that stuff.

Now here’s why this is character he could be playing.

He spent time in various bars (me). When Magus’s forces came to Laxidazia, they ordered the destruction of all trolls. Pip was captured and placed on a ship designated for those to be executed, but there he met Adam Warlock (who will more than likely be in Infinity War) and the two staged a rebellion to escape. They became allies during Warlock’s fight against the Magus.

Pip’s mind was destroyed by Thanos, but Warlock placed him into his Soul Gem and along with Gamora he was eventually reformed in a new body. Pip was also a member of the Infinity Watch, a team dedicated to protecting the gems from people who have no chill and don’t want peace in the galaxy.

I could definitely see this story arc being played out over two movies. Maybe we will see some easter eggs for this character in Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Thor Ragnarok this year.

Plus there’s also this.


So who do you think Dinklage is playing? Let us know. Stay lit.

Source: Marvel 


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