5 Games To Be Excited About In 2017

Here we are, we officially made it through 2016 and if the all the movies that are coming out this year are any sign we are in for a spectacular year in pop culture. Movies aren’t the only thing generating a lot of buzz.  2017 is full of  video games scheduled and rumored to be releasing sometime this year. Lets take a look at 5 that I am particularly excited for:


Not going to lie Capcom has yet to match the masterpiece that was Resident Evil 4 but from what I have seen from Resident Evil 7 gameplay and trailers they are headed back in the right direction.  Capcom looks to get back to Resident Evil’s roots in horror in this installment. The playable demo that came out in 2016 alone was terrifying and that was just a demo.  Resident Evil hits the shelves on January 24th, 2017. Its lit.

Source: PCgamer.com



Any time Zelda anything drops its going to come with a lot of hype. I love this style that Nintendo is going with in the latest installment of the iconic series.  Nintendo promised to shake up the series a bit with Breath of the Wild. I can’t wait to see what they cooked up.  Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild is due a summer of 2017 release and is available currently for preorder.

Source: sweatypistol.com



I honestly should have put this one first because if you know anything about me you know I am a HUGE Kingdom hearts fan.  It has really been 11 years since Kingdom Hearts II, 11 long years.  Square Enix needs to get it together in 2017 I need this to happen, but I honestly think we are looking at a 2018 release realistically.  We do however know that there will be a Tangled world on this one.  Kingdom Hearts III still has no release date but here’s to hoping.

Source: RPGsite.net


I have personally been disappointed in the last few Spider-Man games but after seeing the trailer for this one at E3 I immediately got hype.  A gorgeous Spider-Man game on the PS4, this is what nerd dreams are made of.  The PS4 exclusive is being made by the creators of Ratchet and Clank, Insomniac Games. Another good sign.  There is no official date but a 2017 release is anticipated. Check out the E3 trailer here.

source: gamesradar.com



I actually just started getting into the Persona series and I guess I came in at a good time. Persona 4 came out in 2008 so the fifth installment has been a long time coming. Persona 5 will follow a young group of burglars and looks to be just as stylish and original as the other games in the series.  Persona 5 is due a release in April of 2017.

source: nocookie.net


Comment and tweet us @geeksofcolor what game you are most lit about coming out this year!

Sources: PCadvisor.com; Gamesradar.com


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