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Samurai Shin #1 Review

Hi, Hello, Hey, it’s Dre and I am proud to present to all you geeks of color my first ever comic review! Today, I will be reviewing a comic budding with potential sent to us by two of our amazing followers, writer Mikel Miles and artist Ivan Aguilar.ctdrewbueaauzpb

Samurai Shin tells the story of Amir Atsuko, Keith Masaru, and their heated rivalry to earn the great and honorable title of Samurai. However, after an intense sparring turned brutal fight and an ominous promise, their village is attacked by a group of vandals lead by a man in a bear mask.

Before I even get into this, I have to say the cover art for Samurai Shin #1 is amazing! It’s simple yet beautifully artistic, reminiscent of some of the classic Shonen Jump manga covers. The interior art shifts into a more action appropriate style similar to one of their two inspirations for the series Afro Samurai. It’s bold and detailed while still being clean and easy on the eyes. My only gripe with the art would be the consistency of the color scheme. My unsolicited advice would be to pick a style and just go with that because despite the inconsistency, the coloring is on point.


Now for the writing, this is where the second half of inspiration shows through. The tone of the story and dialogue reminds me a lot of staying up late on Saturdays and watching Toonami, especially Samurai Champloo. It’s befitting for the story’s setting, while still being relatable, and vulgar in all the right places that makes our favorite mature animes and mangas so special. Though if I’m being honest, there is room for improvement. Every few pages the dialogue gets a bit over dramatic or cliché and, at times, out of character. I believe with time and experience, Miles’ writing can really get up to par with other comic professionals.

All that being said, I see great potential for these two creators. This story is a classic while still keeping a feel of novelty. I would highly recommend this series, especially if you’re looking for some new and fresh talent from young creators of color. If you’d like your own copy of Samurai Shin #1 for just $0.89 visit Peep Game Comix, otherwise checkout their own page at Samurai Shin Comics, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram!


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