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Usain Bolt Up For Cameo in The Flash Movie

By: Okon Essien

“My name is Barry Allen, and i am the fastest man alive.”

Yeah, tell that to Usain Bolt, Flash.

Yes, in the realm of comic books and films, Barry Allen is definitely the fastest man alive (and rightfully so), but in real life, Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt has been given that title. And after winning nine gold medals throughout three different Olympic competitions, who would argue? But Bolt has announced his retirement, meaning he’ll need something else to take up all of the time he spent training. Maybe acting will be his next big thing?

It’s actually not likely, but Bolt recently stated that he’d be up for a cameo in a specific superhero film when he was asked in an interview with MTV International:

“Yeah, that would be pretty cool, to maybe do a cameo in The Flash, or something. … Let me talk to some people. [Laughs]”


While it seems like he’s more joking than not, it would without a doubt be super cool to see two of the fastest men alive – fictional and non-fictional – meet on screen, just for comedy’s sake. Warner Bros., let’s make it happen.

The Flash races into theaters on March 16th, 2018.

sources: CBR, MTV International



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