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Roast of Stan Lee Recap


By: Dorian Parks

A few days ago the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time), Stan Lee celebrated his birthday by having a roast during the Marvelous Nerd Years Eve Comic convention. Geeks of Color was lucky enough to get the opportunity to cover the event and man it was a blast. Before I recap the event, I just want to say that Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca sat next to us and I couldn’t believe it; I grew up watching Star Wars movies so to have Chewbacca himself sitting next to me was unbelievable.


The pre show of the roast began with a video of all of Stan Lee’s cameos, which included TV shows such as Agents of Shield. Brian O’Halloran, best known for his work in the movie ‘Clerks,’was the roast master of the event and he kicked off the show with a little rant that was pretty funny. Some jokes went a little bit too far but overall he did a good job with the introduction. Then the comedian Michael Davis did a his stand up act and it was hilarious, something has to be really funny for me to laugh out loud and that man had me dying laughing the whole time.

The actual roast was pretty funny overall. The roasters included Ming Chen, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker, Ming Na Wen, Marilyn Ghiglotti, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche.

I appreciated how they managed to fit in nerd jokes without it feeling forced. When Michael Rooker had his turn to roast Stan Lee he surprised everyone and called Gaurdains of the Galaxy Director James Gunn. Gunn was put on the spot but he came up with some pretty funny jokes for Stan. James Gunn Ended the call with by saying:

“Stan Lee wasn’t the worst actor in Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol.2” talking about Rooker

Then he hung up in Rookers face.

Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche who voice Pinky and The Brain did an awesome voice skit for Stan, while still managing to roast the other guest there.

The Best roaster of the night though was Ming Na. She started off her roast by saying:

“I’m surprised I was even invited, what Tilda Swinton wasn’t available?”

Her roast on Stan was incredible and she actually manage to slip in a joke about the Inhuman, Black Bolt. Then Ming managed to get Stan Lee’s wife on the phone and boy was that something to watch. Stan Lee ended up taking the phone and telling Joanne (his wife) that he cant wait till they are back together so they can have more “violent love making session” while they both scream EXCELSIOR!

Overall the roast was hilirous and I’ll never forget it. They eneded the roast by drawing an art piece for Stan and giving him and awesome Birthday cake.C0-m1zUUAAEYpgt.jpg


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