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Marvel’s Spider-Man Animated Series Will Include Miles Morales And Spider-Gwen

By: Dorian Parks

Disney X.D’s new Spider-Man animated series, which centers around a young Peter Parker, will also feature Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen, in prominent roles.

This news comes from We Got This Covered, which discovered merchandise for “Marvel’s Spider-Man” featuring all three characters, as well as Venom.


It was announced in October at New York Comic Con, the upcoming series will follow “Ultimate Spider-Man,” which ends its four-season run in January on Disney XD. Taking advantage of the live-action “Spider-Man: Homecoming”that drops in July, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” will take the Peter Parker back to his early dates, as a high school student by day and a superhero by night.


Both Miles Morales and Spider-Woman (aka Spider-Gwen) have appeared on “Ultimate Spider-Man,” which premiered in 2012, with the wall-crawler (voiced by Drake Bell) one year into his career. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury (Chi McBride) offered him a chance to train alongside four other teenagers — Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist and Power Man — to become a real superhero. With the third season the series was retitled “Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors,” with Spider-Man assigned by Fury to form the New Warriors. The current fourth and final season, “Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. the Sinister 6,” opened with Doctor Octopus forming a new version of the Sinister Six, but also brought in Carnage and elements similar to “The Clone Saga.”disney-xd-spider-man3 3.jpg


Philip Pignotti (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) is the supervising director of “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” with Kevin Shinick (“Robot Chicken”) serving as story editor. Consulting producers are Dan Slott, Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt

Source: We Got This Covered , CBR

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