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A Letter to Carrie

Photo Credit: Richardo Ghilardi

Dear Carrie,

Today the world became a little less bright without you in it. You were a star that shined so bright that your warmth touched us all far and wide. You were a star not just because of the roles you played or the scripts you worked on, you were a star because you lived your life openly, boldly, and honestly. You lived your life for everyone to see from the joy filled smiles to the dirty grimy and down right ugly parts. You were a star because you didn’t run from them or sugarcoat them instead you chose to be honest and use your experiences to help others. To many of us you will for ever be Princess…no General Leia Organa the fearless and steadfast leader of the rebellion. To many of us around the world you are a symbol or strength and hope and the embodiment of the belief that we should never give up even when the day is long and the night is dark. Carrie many of us never got the chance to meet you but even still we love you like family and your loss is felt not just here, but in galaxies far far away.

Photo Credit: Allstar/LucasFilm

We know that we couldn’t keep you forever because sooner or later a star must return to the sky and today that’s just what you’ve done. You returned to the sky to take your place among the stars where you always belonged. You were a being made of star stuff simply put….you were one of a kind. Though we mourn with faces drenched in tears and hearts wracked with pain our sadness is calmed only by the fact that you will never be far. If ever we need you all we need do is look for you in the force. So Rest In Peace and have a dance through the universe for us.

Goodnight my dearest princess you are loved, you will be missed, and may the force forever be with you.
Sincerely, a fan

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