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Adam Driver Shares Positive Thoughts on Star Wars VIII

By Okon Essien

A little over a year ago, we were reintroduced to the Star Wars franchise with The Force Awakens. Plenty of familiar faces were seen, but we were introduced to a mostly new cast that would push the story forward. And of course with a new adventure, a new villain must come too. That villain was Kylo Ren, who played by Adam Driver (Girls). Driver’s character was definitely a fan favorite for some, and the ending of TFA left alot of moviegoers curious as to what lies in Ren’s future.

While he wasn’t exactly able to tell us what was in store for his villainous character, Adam Driver shared his brief thoughts on the sequel to Episode VII, and director Rian Johnson’s script for it (via The Daily Beast):

“He’s a brilliant filmmaker. And he wrote the script also, and he understands the importance of ambiguity and nuance. He wrote something that I think is remarkable.”

As well as his kind words for the director, driver also shared that he still geeks out about having the opportunity to play a character such as Kylo Ren in a Star Wars film:

“It is a trip! I’m not very good at analyzing it, I guess, or even making time to attach meaning to it. So much of it is luck, and timing. I work hard but I can work hard in a vacuum. I’ve been lucky to get these opportunities. It’s very surreal to me. In working on the jobs—and actually doing the thing—I block that stuff from my mind as much as possible, because it’s not good to get nostalgic or overthink it. That might be a good strength of mine: not thinking a lot. [Laughs]”


Driver’s performance in TFA was one of the many highlights, so we’re excited to see what else he brings while portraying Kylo Ren in the “remarkable” sequel.

Star Wars Episode VIII makes its way to theaters on December 17th, 2017.

Source: The Daily Beast

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