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Characters We Want To See In The ‘Gotham City Sirens’ Movie #FancastFridays

By Tevin Murphy


What’s up ladies and gents I know it’s been awhile since you heard from me but guess what…we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been madly in love and fiercely protective of three characters: Storm, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn I’ve been extremely vocal about my desire to see all three of them star in solo live action films. Well it seems like my dreams are coming true….for at least two of my munchkins anyway both Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are set to star in their own films in the DCEU. I’m sure by now many of you know the exciting news that Margot Robbie and Suicide Squad director David Ayer are teaming up once again this time to deliver unto us a Gotham City Sirens film. There are few team ups in the comic book world that I love as much as I love the Sirens a deadly high energy and fiercely protective team comprised of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. You know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give my thoughts on a few characters I’d love to see appear and who should play them, so buckle up buckeroos and get ready for my Gotham City Sirens fancast!

[Photo Credit: Warner Brothers]
1. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

For as long as I can remember I have simply adored the Harley Quinn character and I’ve always felt fiercely protective of her willing to go toe to toe with anyone who dared insult her in my presence. With that being said you could only imagine my elation when it was announced in December of 2014 that not only would Harley be appearing in a Suicide Squad movie, but she’d also be played by Margot Robbie. I spent the entirety of The Wolf of Wallstreet thinking to myself “Damn she’d make a good Harley”…turns out someone at Warner Brothers thought the same thing. Margot as Harley became a fan favorite from the Suicide Squad film with many people, myself included, dying to see more of her as everyone’s favorite ex-psychiatrist. Margot is the main reason the movie is even being made with her serving as one of the films producers and presenting the idea of a Harley solo film. I can’t imagine a Sirens film without Harley and Margot being apart of it. She will be of course.

[Photo Credit: HBO]

2. Evan Rachel Wood as Poison Ivy

As one of the original Gotham Sirens it’s pretty much a guarantee that Ivy will be in the film and I think it’s important to have her for many reasons. One of the reasons I believe Ivy is so important for the film is that she is one of the main reasons that Harley finally decides to leave the Joker over his abuse. It’s been established by DC themselves that Harley and Ivy are actually girlfriends and for me personally it’s one of the most beautiful and genuine ships and relationships in all of comics. The love Harley and Ivy have for each other is so honest and heaven help anyone who dares harm or threaten one of them in the others presence. I think having Ivy in the film provides important representation for the bisexual community especially if she’s played by a bi actress. Ever since I was in like middle school I’ve wanted Evan Rachel Wood to be Poison Ivy and then when I saw her play Queen Sophie Anne on True Blood I just knew it was meant to be. It’s something about the way she exudes sex appeal and confidence without even trying. With a character like Poison Ivy the actress has to be able to balance sex appeal as well as extreme intellect because too much on either side and you can easily give a bad Ivy Portrayal. We know Wood is a fantastic actress who has been acting for quite awhile and I firmly believe she is the Ivy we deserve.

[Photo Credit: USA Network]
3. Gina Torres as Catwoman

As the third member of Gotham’s crime trio Catwoman most definitely should be one of the main members of the DCEU’s Gotham Sirens. As a character Selina is just the bees knees she’s gorgeous, funny, can shade and read people on levels almost comparable to Alfred, she can kick your ass and then finesse you out of a million dollars before you even know she’s done it. When it comes to casting someone for Selina you have to remember that she’s elegant and classy and really well dressed she daylights as a Gotham socialite and moonlights as one of Gotham’s greatest thieves. Catwoman also has a romantic and sexual history with that caped crusader himself which would be an interesting dynamic for the DCEU. With that said I think she should be cast in relation to Bruce and Ben Affleck’s age so we should be looking at a Catwoman around her mid to late 40s early 50s……enter Gina Torres. Gina Torres is nerd royalty no honestly……the living breathing embodiment of an Amazon, but since Wonder Woman is taken I know Gina would be amazing as Catwoman. I’ve always wanted the next Catwoman to be a healthy mix of Eartha Kitt and Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman portrayals and I firmly believe Gina could hit the nail on the head and redefine what it means to play Catwoman.

[Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures]

4. Sylvester Stallone as Wildcat

There’s a version of Catwoman’s backstory where she’s taken in by Ted “Wildcat” Grant and trained on how to fight and for some reason I love the idea of Ted appearing in the Gotham Sirens movie as Catwoman’s adoptive dad. I love the idea that Ted sort of raised Selina and taught her how to fight and survive and years later he also took in Black Canary and taught her how to kick some ass too. Whenever I think of Wildcat I always think of the aged boxer with a heart of gold and fists like battering rams. Ted’s hard headed, stubborn, willful, and  prideful, but when he loves he loves hard and he would go the distance to protect the people he loved and that’s why I always end up seeing Sylvester Stallone as Ted.

[Photo Credit: BBC America]
5. Tatiana Maslany as Holly Robinson

Holly is like Catwoman’s protege and sidekick in the New Earth Universe Selina trained Holly to be her replacement as Catwoman and Holly became just that. I think having Holly in the film would be a good way to flesh out Catwoman’s backstory and show people from her life maybe even making Holly a kick ass fourth Siren. Holly is full of life and energy and extremely street smart. I definitely have Tatiana Maslany in mind to portray her she could definitely be a continued feature in the DCEU even appearing without Catwoman.

[Photo Credit: Caravan Stylist Studio]

6. Selenis Leyva as Maggie Kyle

So Catwoman has a coo coo bananas sister named Magdelene Kyle who is totally a widowed insane nun who starts killing after her husbands death. Let that sink in and tell me it wouldn’t be cool to see Sister Zero played by the fabulous and talented Selenis Leyva. I’d love to see a different take on Selina’s sister maybe she’s a rival thief whose never been fond of her sister.

[Photo Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe]
7. Tessa Thompson as Black Canary

I think a Gotham Sirens movie would be the perfect way to jump start a Birds of Prey franchise and who better to appear and get the whole thing started than DC’s very own Black Canary. I think Dinah would be the perfect fit for Gotham Sirens since she very much is a street level hero whose encountered the ladies before not to mention Ted Grant could easily connect her to Catwoman. I’ve been pretty married to the idea of Tessa Thompson being the actress to portray Dinah for awhile now.

[Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images]
8. Gabrielle Union as The Huntress

As I just said I think the Sirens film would be a great opportunity to spin off a Birds of Prey franchise that could display DC’s street level superheroines as a sort of parallel to the Sirens film. I think The Huntress would be another cool female character to appear as a way to sort of jump start that series with Black Canary. The Huntress has a lot of fight in her and she’s extremely determined and formidable on the streets not to mention she’s an OG Birds of Prey member. When I think about Huntress I always end up thinking of Gabrielle Union she’s got the attitude, the fire, the personality, and she’s a fantastic and oftentimes underrated actress.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Slimane]
9. Robert De Niro as Carmine Falcone

Look as I pointed out to a friend of mine @LegolasWayne who also fancast De Niro as the infamous Falcone, this is one of those castings that’s too obvious to have never happened already. The reason I’d love to see Falcone in Gotham Sirens is because he’s a huge part of the Gotham crime world a world that our Sirens are very much apart of. I think seeing Falcone even if it’s just a cameo that eventually turns into a full blown role in Ben Affleck’s The Batman it would be nice to see a piece of Gotham’s crime riddled history.

[Photo Credit: Levon Bliss]
10. Ray Winstone as The Penguin

I can’t even take credit for this one as it’s an idea that my boy @LegolasWayne came up with and let me tell you it’s genius. Whenever I think of the Penguin for some reason I always still think of a commanding presence and a dangerous man even if he is a tad bit on the small side. Ray’s booming gravely voice and accent remind me a lot of The Penguin and and I could see him rocking the role. The reason I want Penguin in the film is because he could be an easy in to seeing Gotham’s criminal underbelly. His club The Iceberg Lounge is notoriously full of criminals and illegal activity and it would be nice to see the girls visit his club maybe for information or maybe for a favor either way everyone knows when you want something you go to the Penguin.

[Photo Credit: Lions Gate Films]
11. Jeffrey Wright as The Riddler

Jeffrey Wright is one of those actors who has the capacity to handle many different types of roles and I think The Riddler would be right in his wheelhouse. Jeffrey is the type of actor who can go from calm cool and collected to slightly raging in a matter of seconds and it’s fun to watch on screen. With The Riddler we need an actor who exudes intelligence and who can convey as sense of superiority and I think he’d be perfect for the job.

[Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures]

12. Jared Leto as the Joker

I know a lot of people have feelings about Jared Leto’s Joker and how Suicide Squad handled his and Harley’s relationship, but just bare with me. The sole reason I want to see the Joker appear in this movie is to see Harley finally be done with him and leave him. I want him there to drive home the point of how abusive and harmful he is to her and that’s honestly it. I think given better material Leto could potentially be the definitive Joker and properly convey that he’s not someone to be idolized.

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