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Here are 6 Actors We Would Like to See Play She-Hulk

By Tevin Murphy 

Since Phase 1 of Marvel introduced us to Edward Norton’s Hulk and left us with a teaser of The Leader and Marvel’s the Avengers reintroduced us to the Hulk this time played by Mark Ruffalo, many fans have been clamoring for more Hulk. A large number of fans have wanted to see Ruffalo get his own Hulk solo film to explore the characters backstory, life, and character roster more. While he has shown up in cameo roles no other Avenger is as sorely lacking in backstory and current motivations as the Hulk. Fans have noticed that Marvel quite often seems to ignore the events of Phase 1’s Incredible Hulk film, sometimes making broad maybe they are maybe they aren’t references to the films climax in which the Hulk and Abomination go head to head in the middle of Harlem. Many fans have been given hope lately though in the form of non other than the Hulks sworn enemy General Thunderbolt Ross who appeared in Marvel’s latest film Captain America Civil War. Ross’s addition to the cast was especially interesting and mouthwatering for some fans because Ross was played by the same actor that portrayed the character in the phase 1 film. Now we are finding out that in Thor Ragnorack a major and popular Hulk storyline will be played out….World War Hulk. With all of this said it shouldn’t surprise you that fans have been clamoring once again for a specific Hulk character to be introduced into the Marvel universe none other than his cousin Jennifer “She Hulk” Walters who received her powers from him by way of a blood transfusion. While they share a large green physic the two couldn’t be more different, with Jennifer being in her Hulk form permanently while also being able to control it and herself. So here are my top choices to portray She Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


 1.  Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Gugu is one of my favorite actresses out right now and she’s one of those actresses that I can’t help but long to see in a comic book movie. She’s witty, intelligent, compassionate, intense, and capable of conveying great vulnerability and humility. Jennifer is a paragon of the law and as a lawyer upholds and defends it. Gugu is immensely talented and that’s why she’s one of the many actresses I’d love to see take on the role of She Hulk.



2. Angela Basset 

For years and I do mean years the blerd community has wanted Angela Bassett to be a part of comic book media, many of us myself included have wanted her for Storm and I for one am here for it. I’m 100% here for older actresses getting roles like this as well because lord knows they have the experience and in many cases insight to give these roles a multilayered and complex approach. Angela Bassett is an astounding actress capable of conveying great compassion, determination, passion, strength, and love and I think those are important aspects of portraying Jennifer. Angela comes with a wisdom and elegance that can only come with an actress of a certain age.

3. Aja Naomi King shehulk

Considering her role on How To Get Away with Murder I feel like this is one of those castings that just doesn’t need an explanation. Aja is a fantastically beautiful and fantastic actress that has a fire and a passion in her that refreshing to see. She’s another actress that I’m desperate to see join a superhero movie or tv series and I think She Hulk would be PERFECT! Have I mentioned she’s the cutest thing ever like I could stare at her all that adorable forever.


4. Priyanka Chopra shehulk

Quantico is one of the main reasons that quite often I end up fancasting Priyanka as characters with ties to the law. Priyanka is a fabulously fantastic actress with the ability to convey strength, compassion, passion, and intelligence. As Alex Parrish she gives off an immense determination and will to find the truth and protect those who deserve it. This is why I’d love to see Priyanka don the green skin and pantsuit.



5. Taraji P. Henson 

Anyone whose read one of my fancasts knows that I’m a Taraji fan to the highest and I’m a firm believer in her acting ability. I firmly believe that if given the chance she would rock this role much like she does any role that she’s given she offers the ability to steep the role in great compassion and emotion. As a lawyer Jennifer is a strong defender of the law and of Justice and I can 100% see Taraji giving strong courtroom performances. Plus lets be honest I just really really want to see Taraji as a Superhero and I firmly believe this is one of many roles she fits.



6. Gina Torres 
Of all the women listed Gina Torres is honestly my top choice and favorite choice for the role of Jennifer “She Hulk” Walters. Gina Torres is nerd royalty and time and time again she’s proven that she’s an amazing actress. She’s an actress that’s capable of amazingly portraying strength, intelligence, class, and the fierceness of a fighter and lets be real she can rock a mean pant suit. Just like Angela Bassett I’ve wanted to see either Marvel or DC scoop Mrs. Torres up for a comic book role for years now and I’m a firm believer that this is the one she’s best suited for.

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