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CaptionThis! This Weeks Best 

By: Brandon Sooknanan

Earlier this week we asked you fine folks to caption the image below, and let me tell y’all, you did not dissapoint.


Here are some of the best captions we recieved: 

Retail employees can probably relate –

We all got that one kid from our highschool –

Once your dad calls the principal it’s game over –

Lits out –

When you keep ignoring the church people at the door  –

When you finally find that dude who Drake was talking about –

I guess some criminals didn’t get the memo –

And of course it’s always an honour when the man himself shoots us a tweet, Luke Cage runs this account and nobody can tell me otherwise – 

 Have any images you think should be featured in our next CaptionThis? Send them directly to me on twitter at either @GeeksOfColor or @TheRealSook

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