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#FancastFriday – John Stewart

By Tevin Murphy

“In brightest day in blackest night no evil shall escape my sight let those who worship evils might beware my power Green Lantern’s light” many a nerd will recognize this quote as the Green Lantern Oath, an oath that represents the strength and determination of will the driving force behind the Green Lantern Corps. Before some of us had ever picked up a Green Lantern comic to know who Alan Scott or Hal Jordan were many nerds got their first taste of this oath and the Green Lantern alias through watching John Stewart on Justice League the animated series. It was through this series that many blerds and potential blerds got their first real taste of mainstream black superhero representation. The same way every generation has who they consider to be “their” Batman the same can be said for many nerds in the Green Lantern fandom, and for many of us John Stewart is our Green Lantern. He is the first lantern we met and the first lantern we expect to see when the GL name is brought up. So I figured this week that our #FancastFriday could be dedicated to none other than John Stewart Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.

When Fancasting John Stewart it’s important to first of all remember that when John Stewart was created it was at a time when comic book companies were looking to add diversity to the sea of white male superheroes that dominated their catalogs, so it’s important that a black man play John. When Fancasting John it is also important to remember the kind of man that he is strong, stern, dedicated, a stickler for the rules, brave, determined, loyal, and physical presence. I’ve chosen four actors that I believe to be more than qualified of taking over the role of DC’s John Stewart and doing the character justice… pun intended haha.

  1.  Blair Underwood


If you’ve followed my fancasts either on my personal Twitter or through Geeks of Color you will know that I’m a big proponent of giving actors of a certain age the same opportunity to star in these kinds of films as their younger counterparts because often times they come wi th a wisdom and experience that only comes with age that a younger actor doesn’t possess. I’ve chosen Blair Underwood because he is a fantastic actor that posses a poise, a personality, and a wisdom that I think would not only fit John Stewart but our entire Justice League Cast.

2.  Ricky Whittle


Some of you may know Ricky from the CW show The 100 and some may recognize him from the American Gods trailer, but Ricky Whittle is quite the fantastic actor. Ricky is more than capable of portraying an intense morally strong John Stewart with a heart of gold and a will unlike any other.

  1. Derek Luke


Many of us are familiar with Derek Luke in many capacities and a lot of us in the nerd community recognize him as the Howling Commando Gabe Jones from Marvel’s Captain America franchise. However I think the role of Gabe Jones is a bit of a waste for such a talented actor who is more than capable of shouldering his own superhero franchise. I’ve seen Derek Luke play characters that are smart, determined, strong willed, morally solid, and willing to go the mile for not just those he loves but those who can’t help themselves. I would love to see Derek Luke receive a power ring, suit up, and recite the Green Lantern oath that used to fill so many of us with hope.

  1. Nate Parker


Now we’ve reached my absolute favorite actor for the role of John Stewart none other than Mr. Nate Parker. Nate Parker is a talented actor that many have hailed as the potential Denzel Washington of this generation. Derek has it all charisma, good looks, and talent. I first began to see Nate Parker as John Stewart when I saw him in the film Red Tails and then again in his role as Kaz in Beyond the Lights starring opposite Gugu Mbatha-Raw(my Catwoman pick) and Danny Glover( my Uncle Ben) pick. Nate not only has the John Stewart look but he is also fantastic at playing those stern, morally straight, tough as nails, compassionate, and intelligent characters. Of all the actors I’ve named and haven’t named for this role Nate Parker fits the best for me and it would truly be an honor to see him don the power ring, recite the oath, and shine the Emerald light of will power over the DCEU.

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