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Hispanic Superhero Spotlight #2: America Chavez

By Manny Castellanos 

Welcome back to the second issue of Hispanic Superhero Spotlight! If you haven’t read the first issue, where we talk about Blue Beetle, what are you doing? Get on that!

Anyway, today we’ll talk about one of my favorite Hispanic superheroes, that isn’t as well known to common audiences. Today it’s all about the beautiful, powerful, and dangerous:

(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)

Hispanic Origin: Unknown

First Appearance: Vengeance #1


Hot tempered, somewhat mean, and overall badass. She’s known for not being very loving. She is probably the last person you would go to talk about your feelings. She kind of has a no nonsense rule and simply loves to punch things. But beneath that tough exterior, is actually a loving woman, who will do anything to protect her friends and those who need help.

Miss America’s History:

Miss America was raised by two mothers in a dimension, known as Utopian Parallel that is basically owned by a god. She mysteriously gains powers from the god at a young age. At the age of 6, her parents died trying to defend their world. She realized that she wanted to be a hero just like her mothers and ran away from her home. She would travel to other worlds and be a superhero, calling herself, Miss America.

Through her adventures, she joined a teenage superhero group called the ‘Teen Brigade.’ With them, they traveled and fought enemies and crossed paths with the likes of the Ultimate Nullifier and Dr. Doom in the story arc Vengeance. After that, she left the team and was then recruited by a young Loki to create a new Young Avengers. Though against it at first, she joined and acted like the mom of the bunch.

Eventually the events of “Secret Wars” came and not much is known to what happened to her, but afterwards, she was recruited by Blue Marvel, to be part of the new superhero team The Ultimates, where she currently resides.


Ms. America has similar powers to many other heroes, such as super strength, flight, even super speed. Now she can’t shoot lasers from her eyes or blast energy from her hands, but what she can do something unique. She is able to create open holes in reality, which allows her to travel to other Earths or dimensions.

Recommended Reading:

Vengeance #1

I would only get this one issue comic because the overall story for Vengeance, for me, was confusing and it dragged on for a while. So if you just want to read or collect her first appearance, just go for the first issue.

Young Avengers #1-15 (2013)

This was a fun, cute comic series, that ended too short. It follows a team of teenagers, as I fight weird enemies through other dimensions, while still trying to find their own identities. It’s a superhero comic with growing pains; it’s heartwarming and hilarious, each character on the team gets to shine, including Miss America Chavez.

Ultimates #1-Ongoing (2015-Present)

Another fun and interesting comic. Miss America is part of a new team called the Ultimates, which has heroes such as Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, etc. and their mission to to help stop planetary threats, but there actions in doing so are different. The first story arc follows the team, as they try to find a cure for Galactus’s hunger. The writing is well done and as always, Miss America kicks ass.

My Thoughts:

Ms. America Chavez is one of the few new characters that has gained a large fan base over the years. Though not as large as Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, Chavez has been able to stand out with kick-ass powers and a bad-ass attitude. I can’t really name another character like her, because she is so different. She is one of the few minorities in comics that is a lesbian.

Aside from having a huge crush on the character, what I truly find appealing about the character is her sense of mystery. Very little is known about her, her past is only hinted a little bit throughout out the comics, but we don’t really learn anything new about her. She is interesting enough, in my opinion, to get her own ongoing series.

However, sometimes you just have to appreciate a character for being a complete badass, like Miss America. A unique hero, who I feel can resonate with a lot of young girls.

So those are my overall thoughts! Let me know what you think, whether you love it or hate it. If I missed something, let me know and I’ll get back to you on it.


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